Does Cold Calling Still Work for Real Estate Agents in 2023

Cold Calling

Real estate agents have been depending on cold calling since the dawn of the industry. Back in the day, cold calling was the only way to turn leads into potential clients. But as we all know that the advancement of technology has changed the course of the real estate industry. On the top of it, the pandemic Covid-19 had irreversible effects on the real estate market. All of this transformed the real estate industry into a more digitized model. One of the main questions that arises is that ‘Does cold calling still work for real estate agents in 2023?

The answer to this question is yes, cold calling does work in 2023 as well. But the efficiency of cold calling depends on your abilities as a real estate agent. Even today, there are some agents that still totally rely on cold calling. While this is not a very good idea, you should still be an expert in cold calling as a real estate agent. This is a proven fact that most of the business in real estate market is generated through digital media but cold calling still comes in handy every now and then.

In this article we have compiled some important tips that will help you improve your cold calling skills and ensure that you are an expert at what you do.

Things you need to be able to cold call effectively?

Valid Phone Numbers

The key to successful calling is valid phone numbers. You need to have a steady supply of these numbers. You can sign up with a subscription service that provides you with a stack of these numbers. It is pretty obvious that you need valid phone numbers to make successful phone calls.


You need to have a database or CRM that helps you keep track of all your leads. For example, if you need to follow up with them, whether they are uninterested, or whether they are on the verge of being leads. Some dialer systems have built in CRMs that you can use.


A dialer is another important tool for cold calling. Hand-dialing each number takes too long and is a waste of time, particularly if you don’t get an answer. Dialers will dial several numbers at once, allowing you to spend less time waiting and more time conversing with prospects.


It’s also beneficial to have some scripts on hand, especially if you’re a new agent. If you don’t have much experience and haven’t yet perfected what to say to win the most leads, scripts will help you plan. You can find a wide variety of scripts online.

Some Useful tips for cold calling

You should have different scripts for specific purposes when you are cold calling looking for potential clients. For example, you cannot use the same script for someone who is selling their house and someone who is looking to buy a new house.

Following are some useful tips, secret sauces if you may that will help you make cold calls effectively:

Set a Goal

You need to set a specific goal before you make a call. This will help to make your call easier and you will be able to control the conversation so at the end of the call you are able to achieve your goal.

Stay positive on the call

You need to stay enthusiastic and sound positive while you are talking to a prospect. Your positive energy might interest the prospect and it might help you make a difference.

Ask Questions

You should try asking questions so you are able to identify the needs for your prospects. Questions will help you engage in meaningful conversations with your prospects. Keep in mind to ask just the right number of questions so your prospects don’t get frustrated.

Final Thoughts

Cold calling for real estate leads is still a viable method of generating leads that is well worth your time. If you use the right tools, scripts, and, most importantly, focus on developing positive relationships, cold calling can be successful. Also, read our blog on making cold calling in real estate success


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