Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI on Resale

Best ROI on Resale

You have found your dream house. But to finance your new home, you’ve got to resell the old house. However, you have noticed that not many people are offering the best returns on your property. Your lovely home is not appreciated for the value it deserves. We can help you with a solution that will offer the best ROI on resale. 

1- The Answer for Getting the Best ROI on Resale

Tired of consistent low ROIs on the resale property? Prospects always come in and are not willing to put in money for your property? Want to secure the best ROI on the resale of your home. Attracting prospects through home renovations is the answer. 

i- Standing Out for Getting the Best ROI on Resale

Real estate has seen nothing but an upward trend, even after the chaos of the 2008 housing crisis. With the increase in the demand and supply of real estate across the globe, your property needs to be able to stand out among competitors if you wish to get the best ROI on resale. The better you stand out from the crowd, the more chances you have of securing higher returns on your investments.

2- What Exactly Is ROI

Now, who doesn’t want to maximize their profits and returns on their respective resalable properties? ROI measures the basic performance of your investment. The efficiency of your investment depends on the returns earned on each one of them. How can you ensure ‌this efficiency is present to maximize returns? The simple solution starts with home renovations.

3- Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI on Resale

Renovating your home in an attractive yet valuable way is the key to targeting potential clients. It boosts the overall value of your property. Renovations upgrade and update the functionality of the home. No one likes bland houses. Your buyer wants a house that makes them feel at home. Feeling at home is a combination of warmth and affection. In today’s age of fashion, they also want a luxurious appeal. Make sure you provide the right balance.

The following renovation ideas can be helpful for renovating your house:

i- Kitchen Renovations

The first thing home buyers start inspecting is the kitchen. Starting from installing trendier cabinets, countertops, sinks, and flooring to painting the walls and adding stylish panels. Sellers have recorded 70% to 100% returns on kitchen remodeling on average. The renovation of the kitchen should be done in a way that adds to the pleasure of the buyer doing his everyday tasks there, such as chopping, cooking, eating, and washing.

ii- Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are the second important place where one can tell if ‌money has been spent or if corners have been cut. The trendiest bathrooms these days are those that provide a minimalistic and chic look. You need to remodel bathrooms in a way that is up to date with these trends. Marble tiles on floors, elegant wallpapers, and having both bathtubs and walk-in showers are some of the examples of what you can do when remodeling bathrooms to get the best ROI.

iii- Fiber Cement Siding

Wood, vinyl, stone, and brick siding are no longer in style as they have the tendency to deteriorate quickly and give the appearance of a worn-out exterior. These need to be replaced with fiber cement as it ensures both looks and durability. Fiber cement siding has been proven to return 70% of its value back to the seller upon resale. 

iv- Small Accessories

The attention is in the details. No matter how much money you invest in the interior of the house, if you cannot relate small accessories that complement the interior, then the end product will always look bland. Small accessories such as matching doorknobs, staircases, delicate light bulbs, trendy tiles, flooring, and roofing- all play a part in portraying a well-defined look. 

Landscaping a Garden

If your house comes with a garden, then it has ‌huge potential to earn you the best ROI on resale. All you have got to ensure is a well-trimmed green and glossy lawn with properly maintained hedges and flower beds. If there is a driveway then make sure it is neat and clean of any twigs. 

How Regentology Can Help You in Securing that

Next time you worry about not getting enough returns on the investments you hoped for? Take a deep breath, stand in the middle of the house, take a keen look, and focus on the major and minor details that need renovations. Keep our article in mind and we assure you, your house will sell for its worth.

Regentology team of professionals and ready-to-serve real estate agents are available to help you and aid you in selling your homes for resale purposes at the best ROI. Let us serve you by doing the legwork and matching you with potential clients


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