Finding Homes For Sale Using Technology

Homes For Sale Using Technology

Finding homes for sale using technology is no secret. Technology has become essential in modern times. And, it has changed how we live our lives and how we perceive our world. The real estate industry is not immune to this change. But, attaining such technologies was difficult for a while. That is now changing, and some of the latest products hitting the market will reshape how the industry works.

In the modern real estate world, many are still using old-school methods and out-of-date processes in conducting business. But technology is now creating crossroads. So here, we talk about four technologies that can help anyone find homes for sale.

Find Homes For Sale Using Technology

For those on a tight schedule and who cannot run around looking at several homes for sale at once, VR makes it possible to do that. VR makes searching for a home easy and headache-less. But still, in its early days, it is becoming a popular mode for touring a property. Using videos and pictures, clients can take a 3D virtual tour. Buyers can use a tablet, computer, phone, or VR gear for touring the property in minutes. It significantly reduces the need to have multiple walkthroughs.

1- Drones For A Birds Eye View

Drones are the latest to hit the industry. Companies have sprung up that make innovative technologies accessible to the average home seller or buyer. Drones help sellers create videos of the property and on-demand photos and have become popular. It is common to see video footage of homes for sale from above as it offers a birds-eye view of the property. It even brings the whole street into the frame to showcase all neighbouring properties. Modern-day buyers get a better idea of the area without even leaving the comfort of their homes!

2- Homes for Sale & Augmented Reality

If looking for homes for sale, then augmented reality can help hugely. Just point the phone’s camera at a prospective property, and you can find out all to know about it. It is helpful to know which homes are, or are not, on the market currently. Know what you need to know simply by pointing and clicking: rental prices, listings, valuation estimates, and even the last selling price. Augmented reality enables users to go inside a house and check out the bathrooms and bedrooms. In the not-so-immediate future, virtual tours will include augmented reality. And, agents can add notes about the property and its main features.

3- Virtual Staging

Every buyer wants to know about a property thoroughly and see it first-hand. Gone are the days when that was only possible physically. Now, buyers can find homes for sale using technology, buyers can virtually walk into a vacant home for sale and tour them. Virtual reality is the next step as virtual staging can take an empty residence and place fixtures and furniture in it. Insert the furniture, fixtures, rugs, floorings, appliances, wallpaper, or paint colour in the digital photos for prospective buyers. Comparatively, virtual staging is much cheaper than physical one where costs can go up to $1,000. It averages a one-time fee of about $400.

Slow to catch up, the real estate industry is undergoing technological change, and it appears technology will mold the industry with innovative ideas.

Finding Homes For Sale With Regentology

Regentology is a technology-driven network of buyers, sellers, insurance, and mortgage professionals. Using AI-based technology and a human-powered approach, we fully know technology will play an imperative role in future industry development. If you are looking for homes for sale using technology, fill out the form, and our professional real estate agents will contact you.


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