How To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2023

real estate leads

Realtors are very much concerned with how referral companies generate their leads. This is an important step and contributes to their decision in signing up for a specific real estate referral company. Today, we take a closer look at the ways used in generating leads in 2023.

1- Social Media:

Using social media to generate leads remains the top option in real estate. There are various ways through which you can generate leads on social media. These range from buying spaces for ads to using influencers (or becoming one yourself), creating personas and thinking, locally.

These ads are geo-targeted and you can also create a local thinking SEO– a practice that allows you to maximize all the opportunities available in the area. You also have the option to create and use different personas on the same social media platforms. For example, you could appeal to female homebuyers by utilizing Pinterest as more than two-thirds of all users are female.

Google Ads are considered to be one of the best ways of maximizing traffic on your website and generating leads. However, just paying for a Google Ad does not do the trick, and there is more to it than meets the eye. If you are prepared to pay for Google Ads, then it is equally important to prepare yourself to put in the hard yards on your landing page and enhancement your campaign.

3- Improving Your Landing Page:

You can improve your landing page by addressing the following concerns:

  1. When a customer clicks on the ad, the idea is to redirect them to a page that loads quickly. Try to shorten this time because customers can get frustrated and leave if the loading page is slow.
  2. Ensure that your website looks professional and your contact and business information is easier to access. Promoting credibility and transparency along with navigation helps.
  3. If you are requesting information, try to ensure that the intention is transparent. The idea is to keep your forms simple easy to use.

4- Upgrade your Campaign:

Enhancing your campaign and upgrading it is another step you can take to make Google Ads more effective.

  1. Using long-tail keywords is a better idea when you compare them to short-tail keywords as they are more specific and relevant.
  2. Keep testing your campaign, and keep tweaking it by adding something new. Staying dynamic helps in the appeal.
  3. Your focus should be on removing the poor-performing words and replacing them by investing in successful ones.

While there are many other ways of generating leads, like asking for referrals or creating a content marketing campaign, etc. However, using social media and Google Ads to generate leads remains the best option, by far.


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