Moving to Alaska? Know These Things Alaska’s Famous For

Moving to Alaska

Planning on moving to Alaska? You’ve chosen the right state also known as “the last frontier”. Alaska identifies itself with ice-cold temperatures, bears, and the northern lights.

Alaska is located in the far northwest of North America and shares only a border with Canada. It is the biggest state in the union, approximately twice the size of Texas.

1- The State is Expensive

Living in Alaska is among the most costly states in the country. The cost of living in most of its cities and towns exceeds the national average. Nonetheless, many people dream of moving to Alaska because of its stunning scenery and outdoor adventures.

Alaskan residences are worth an average of $314,885 dollars. Groceries are 42 percent more expensive in Alaska due to the cost of shipping goods to and within this massive state. Utility bills are 70 percent higher than the national average due to the cold winters.

2- Moving To Alaska Lowers Your Taxes

The Alaskan government is well aware of the higher expense of living in comparison to the rest of America. Alaska provides incentives in the form of tax cuts to help offset the costs.

With a total tax load of 5.16 percent, Alaska has the lowest tax burden of the 50 states, including income tax, property tax, sales tax, and excise tax.

In fact, in many parts of Alaska, there is no sales tax whatsoever. This means that if you buy a product for $10, the total will actually be $10, as there will be no additional charges.

3- Alaska is Huge

Wondering how huge Alaska could be in size? It can fit Texas, California, and Montana (the next three most populous states) for starters. In other words, it is around one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 states.  Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, is also the country’s second-largest city by area, with an area larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

Another massive characteristic of Alaska is its coastline. It is larger than all of the other US states combined at 6640 miles! It also boasts 3 million lakes, 130 volcanoes, and 17 of the country’s 20 tallest peaks.

4- Lesser Population

Despite the state’s huge size, moving to Alaska will show how less the state is populated. The United States has 93 persons per square mile on average; New Jersey has over 1200, while Alaska has less than 2. It makes Alaska the least densely inhabited state and the most sparsely populated location.

5- Expect Extreme Cold After Moving to Alaska

The very cold weather, snow, and tough existence have long been one of the major reasons Alaska still has a limited population. Nearly a third of Alaska is located within the Arctic Circle, which implies that winter temperatures can drop below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Coastal locations aren’t as chilly as the interior, but it’s still very cold, with snow coverings ideal for skiers, and snowmobiling.

Wanna know an Alaskan fun fact? In 1971, at Prospect Creek Camp in Alaska, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -80 degrees F.

6- Experience The Wildlife After Moving to Alaska

The wildlife in Alaska is diverse and prolific. Fish, animals, reptiles, and birds all have important habitats in the state.

Bears are the most well-known mammal in Alaska (more on them below), but there are also moose, bison, caribou, wolves, otters, and beavers. Sea otters, Sea lions, turtles, whales, and seals, are among the most commonly seen wildlife near Alaska’s shores. Those who enjoy birds will find hundreds of different species of birds in Alaska, including eagles, owls, ravens, falcons, ducks, and swans.

One of the reasons for visiting Alaska is to observe some of these incredible species in their natural habitat.

7- Gorgeous Parks

Those moving to Alaska will find themselves surrounded by the beauty of parks. The National Park Service manages over 60% of all Alaskan land, with 17 National Parks, 7 National Preserves, and 16 wildlife refuges. As a result, abundant wildlife is dispersed throughout the state. Some are simple to reach, while others are difficult and costly.

Some of these national parks, including Denali, Glacier Bay, and the Kenai Fjords, are well-known outdoor places in the state.

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