Moving to Oklahoma? Here’s A 2023 Guide For You!

Moving to Oklahoma

Moving to a new state can be challenging. If you plan on moving to Oklahoma, it’s worth doing your research on the pros and cons. That’s why we’ve put together this 2023 guide with all the information you’ll need to decide if Oklahoma is the right place for you!

1- Is Oklahoma A Fun State To Move To?

Yes. Oklahoma City is a lovely city with a thriving community that keeps things affordable. There will always be something for everyone, whether you’re studying, dining, or working. The Myriad Botanical Gardens are ideal for nature lovers.

The Western Heritage Museum and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art are two museums worth visiting. If you relocate to Oklahoma City, you will undoubtedly be able to have a good time!

2- Get To Know The State’s History!

Oklahoma was founded on oil, and the state was founded on what they call Black Gold. Tulsa was the starting point. Where oil was discovered in the early 1900s at “Red Fork,” an area on the city’s southwest side that still exists today. It’s no surprise that Tulsa was once known as the “Oil Capital of the World.” Oklahoma’s history is so intertwined with oil that the state’s Capitol Building is sitting atop an oil rig.

3- The State Is Second Largest In Native American Population

Oklahoma, along with California, has the country’s largest Native American population.

Oklahoma now has approximately thirty-nine Native American tribes, although only five of them are deemed indigenous. The Shawnee, Apache, Kickapoo, Pawnee, and Kaw are just a few of these Native American tribes.

4- Expect To Find A Load Of Rolling Plains While Moving to Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s features, unfortunately, do not always include its scenery. Oklahoma is made up of large sections of rolling plains. While they’re quite lovely, they can quickly get repetitive and are far from a hiker’s paradise.

If you enjoy the wonderful outdoors and love exploring gorgeous surroundings, reconsider moving to Oklahoma.

5- Oklahoma Has Low Cost Of Living 

You can certainly be happy about one thing if you plan on moving to Oklahoma, the low cost of living. Oklahoma is the fourth most cheap state to live in, according to USA Today. Oklahoma is a budget-friendly state. Purchasing a home in Oklahoma is half the price of doing so in the United States. Oklahoma also has cheaper average rent than the rest of the United States. The average rent in the state’s largest and most populous city is around 800-900 dollars.

Oklahoma not only has a low cost of living, but it also has a very convenient transit system. “Rush hour” isn’t really a reality in Oklahoma because the majority of the state isn’t made up of big overcrowded cities.

6- Expect Good Job Opportunities When Moving to Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are numerous opportunities. For one thing, there is consistency. The state is also home to a number of Fortune 500 firms. So, if you’re wanting to go there and secure a stable job… You’ve come to the right place.

The extremely low cost of living also brings with it some other advantages. Oklahoma is also an excellent spot to start a business due to the low cost of living. The state is becoming inventive.  Oklahoma City, for example, has an incredibly vibrant startup culture, with a  ton of startup events and co-working spaces.

7- Oklahoma Is A Great State If You Don’t Prefer Crowds

If you’re a person who likes peace, you’ve made the right decision of moving to Oklahoma. This state is ideal for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest without having to cope with congestion or long lineups.

In comparison to other state cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa do not have large crowds. Furthermore, because of the smooth traffic, you may travel on your own time rather than rushing from one location to the next.

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