Pay at Closing For Real Estate Leads in 2023

Real Estate Leads in 2023

They say that successful closings can be done if you generate good enough real estate leads in 2023. But is the process really that simple? The answer is no. There are a lot of steps that go in between these two stages. 

Paid advertising, digital marketing, gathering information, following up, and building ties. These are the steps that come before a successful closing. They can pretty much drain your time, energy, and money. 

However, there is one way you can avoid all of them. Pay at closing for real estate leads in 2023 through referral companies. Referral networks do all the legwork for you. Your duty is only confined to building relationships that lead to successful closings. Once the deal closes, pay a small referral fee from your commission. 

1- Referral Networks For Real Estate Leads in 2023

Referral companies are a great approach to get vetted, ready-to-buy or-sell real estate leads. Many of these firms supply real estate leads in exchange for a fee when the deal closes. 

However, several of these businesses have strict requirements for joining their referral networks. 

  • Years of experience in the real estate business
  •  Completion of a specified amount of deals
  •  Positive feedback and ratings for real estate

2- Why Book With A Referral Network?

Companies spend a lot of time and money to generate high-quality referral prospects. They want to know that the suggestions they send will close. Also, the seller or buyer receives excellent service.

It can be worthwhile to subscribe to these third-party websites if you’re attempting to advance your real estate career. You’ll have to pay a charge, but you might get more leads than you would through your current broker. 

3- How Do Referral Networks Gather Real Estate Leads in 2023?

Referral networks rely on a number of techniques to gather the best real estate leads in 2023. Technology has enabled real estate companies to advance their search for prospects, which helps them generate organic leads. 

i- Paid Advertising

Real estate companies are using paid advertising platforms to generate leads in 2023. These include paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, etc. Facebook offers a huge opportunity to target and collect seller leads. You can place specific ads in groups that educate others about real estate services. Facebook offers a wealth of customizable options. You may pick and choose which ads to run to generate leads in your location.

Google Ads are also a source of closings in real estate referral networks. They help generate leads and let you earn commissions. The real estate business is heavily influenced by Google. It’s a popular tool for sellers and buyers to browse listings. They can find local real estate agents who can help you get the most out of your marketing campaign.

ii- Email Marketing

Encourage your current customers to refer others to the website. Persuade them to fill out an online form. This will result in a large number of email addresses or contact information. Referral marketing forms should try to acquire at least three emails. There are even referral marketing forms that may take up to 15 emails at once.

iii- Search Engine Optimization: best way to get Real Estate Leads in 2023

Showing up in search engines is one of the most effective ways to increase visitors to your website. For real estate companies, SEO is the most organic way to generate leads. Organic marketing, often known as SEO, is superior in this sense. It automatically develops a funnel that leads people from “awareness” to “consideration” and eventually “choice.” SEO is primarily reliant on content marketing. The best real estate companies are those that supply the most comprehensive information.

4- What Is the Referral Fee to Pay At Closing For Real Estate Leads in 2023?

The typical referral fee is 25% of the gross commission that a real estate agent receives representing your lead. These real estate lead providers only charge if the leads are successful. 

OpCity, Real Estate Exchange, and Redfin are examples of real estate lead services. They charge a referral fee of 30 percent to 35 percent. Regentology is a new fast-growing referral network that is charging only 25% for real estate leads in 2023. 

i- Regentology: Fastest Growing Referral Network

Regentology is a referral network that provides geo-targeted leads that are validated for intent. It is an upcoming player in the market having a 97.76% satisfaction ratio. These leads are posted to a real estate agent who will attempt to negotiate a contract with them. Agents cultivate unique ties with prospects in exchange for a small referral fee when the transaction closes. Once the transaction closes, you pay fees of only 20% to 25%. 

ii- Zillow 

Zillow’s real estate agents pay for a share of the voice in a ZIP code to receive leads in that area. Agents can receive Zillow leads if they pay a 35 percent referral fee. When a customer files a request on Zillow’s website, they are matched with a local agent. After that, the agent can work with the customer and complete the transaction.


The website works as a referral network for real estate agents. It offers various services under real estate segments. The major categories include buying, selling, renting, and mortgage services. Non-exclusive leads start at $200 per month on average. Whereas exclusive leads cost $1,000 per month on average. One issue regarding pricing consists of 6-month vs 12-month packages. 

iv- UpNest

UpNest provides agents with a regular influx of new prospects at no expense. Joining the UpNest agent network and rewarding referrals after a successful sale is a price-effective approach for realtors to sell their properties. UpNest charges of 30% referral fee.

v- Clever

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, Clever connects you with top-rated local agents with substantial experience in the area and price range you’re looking for. Clever essentially functions as a referral network. It links home buyers and sellers with local realtors. Clever’s commission rules are a 1 percent listing fee for houses over $350,000. These must be agreed to by participating listing agents.

Summing It All Up: Which Real Estate Referral Network To Opt For?

Regentology, Zillow, UpNest, Realtor, and Clever are all fine platforms for the real estate industry. All the companies are established and well-recognized for what they do. While these have been on the market for years, Regentology has been on the market for only 1.5 years. Within this short span of time, the company has achieved a lot. It has shown impressive growth skills in North America.  The 97.76% satisfaction ratio as of April 2023 speaks for itself. 

Regentology charges only a one-time sign-up fee and a referral fee of 20%25%. This is 5% less than its competitors. No other semi-annual or annual charges are demanded by the company.  The company’s CRM is AI-based, which is an all-in-one solution for real estate agents. The company has been receiving good reviews consistently and is yet to grow to its full potential!


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