The Pros & Cons of Selling a Home by Owner

Selling a Home by owner

Selling a home is not easy. Trying to figure out the market situation and then the competition is mind-boggling. Lately, the term FSBO or For Sale by Owner has circulated in the real estate world. The term FSBO means selling the property directly to the buyer by the owner. The whole process does not include an agent. So, some may say even argue that it is cost-saving. However, that may not be entirely true. Read on for an in-depth view of the pros and cons of selling a home by owner process.

Naturally, we want to save as much money as possible as the owner. And this option provides the possibility to save more by excluding the realtor commission. Honestly, selling a home without the counsel of a professional real estate agent can have some cons.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that agents receive lucrative and hefty commissions. Therefore, it’s understandable that the owner wants to save as much as possible. But it’s always good to know the ups and downsides of the whole process to be on the safe side. Let’s start with the pros.

1- Pros and Cons of Selling a Home FSBO


Sure, we all want to save a bunch of money. So, the idea of selling a home without a realtor is attractive. Because when you do it on your own and do not have to pay the commission, you end up saving thousands of dollars, depending on the property value. However, closing the deal is easier said than done.


Statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that about 90 percent of owners pursuing FSBO find themselves hiring a real estate agent in the end. Also, without a professional, trying to get a price that is good enough is not easy. Skilled and experienced realtors understand how to present your property to the market, know what a competitive price should look like, and negotiate effectively.

2- Pros & Cons of Selling A Home Alone


For all homeowners, the sales process is essential to understand where the deal is heading. With full control of this process, you have the authority to move ahead or decline. No matter the kind of recommendations, suggestions, or opinions for selling a home by the owner that comes your way is yours to consider or reject. You are the boss! But that can have a drawback as well.


Getting the counsel of an expert is always valuable. The advice and recommendations that a professional may give will be to close the deal. Additionally, marketing the home would be a herculean task. It also involves huge efforts and spending lots of time online enlisting the property. But on the other hand, a realtor will have a real network of agents at the back. They can easily spread the word and help land you a potential offer for selling a home by the owner.

3- Committed Focus on Selling a Home or Property


It is commonly known that a realtor will have many other clients. So, you are not the only point of interest for them. The agent you hire will have other patrons to deal with and will need to focus their attention on that clientele. Conversely, if you are selling a home yourself, you can focus and commit all your energy to its sale.


Even with all the time and energy you have, selling is still a gargantuan task. And getting the right price can take a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the home you are selling needs inspection and, if needed, repair to get the maximum value.

Of course, there are options that you can ponder over.

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