Top 8 Types Of Real Estate Leads Every Realtor Needs To Know About

Real Estate Leads for Realtors

Every realtor out there is looking to secure maximum leads to do more business and ultimately secure more commission dollars. Sure, maximum leads mean more business. But are you sure that every lead is bona fide? Is every lead going to be authentically leading to a successful closing? Unfortunately not. There are many leads that turn out to be bogus and aren’t even looking in the first place. In this blog we have discussed types of real estate leads for realtors.

Don’t waste your precious time on unqualified leads, and focus on those that will convert. The real concern for any agent is: finding the types of real estate leads that will actually lead to a successful closing.  

It all comes down to leads, whether you’re a mortgage broker, agent, real estate investor, or company owner. Your business is driven by leads. Without them, you cannot survive. The better they are, the more transactions you can complete and the more money you will make. We’ve made a list of the best types of real estate leads so you can focus more on serving prospects and relationship building.

Determining Potential Types Of Real Estate Leads for Realtors

Many agents simply pick up the phone and start dialling numerous numbers, which mostly turn out to be a dead end and waste your time. To save up on your mind, determine the types of leads you want to target and work with. You must be clear about the kind of lead to work with before you can develop a lead qualification system. Consider the kinds of leads you prefer to work with: Expired Listings, Buyers leads, seller leads, FSBOs, etc.  Also, decide the areas you prefer to work in, the client’s income level, and the kind of home they’re looking for.

The BANT Method 

BANT is regarded as the traditional go-to technique for sales and lead qualification. It was initially developed by IBM as a means to quickly identify leads that were likely to make a purchase. A lead is deemed viable if it satisfies at least three of the BANT criteria mentioned below:

  • Budget: What is their available budget for a home purchase?
  • Authority: Do they make all the purchasing decisions, or are there other parties involved?
  • Need: How urgently do they require representation from an agent?
  • Timeline: When do they intend to purchase or sell?

List Of 8 Types Of Real Estate Leads For Realtors

1- Seller Leads

If you’ve been in the real estate business for even a month, you’ve probably realized that to be a top producer, you must have seller leads. Real estate seller leads are people who appoint you as their agent when they list their properties for sale. These leads can be found by driving through nearby neighborhoods, posting signs for people to call on, running advertisements, or buying listings of interested sellers. So this is the type of Real Estate Leads for Realtors.

2- Buyer Leads

Sure, sellers’ leads are very important. But who are you going to sell the house to? Finding buyer leads is also crucial for growing your real estate career. There are many things you can do, from scheduling actual property tours to using digital media platforms for marketing. To stand out, provide virtual tours of properties so you can grab maximum attention from potential buyers. 

Targeting renters is an efficient way to reach potential buyer leads. Individuals who don’t currently own a home might be waiting for the ideal opportunity to buy.  Targeting residents of apartment buildings or condominiums with direct mail campaigns makes it simple to draw in renters interested in purchasing a home.

3- Referral Leads

People place a higher value on recommendations from friends and family than almost anything else, including Google reviews and company ratings. New and experienced real estate agents alike gain from referrals because they spend less time cold calling, which lowers their sales costs and shortens the sales cycle. 

Word-of-mouth referrals have remained one of the popular types of real estate leads for decades. If you’re a seasoned realtor, then ask your previous customers to refer a friend or colleague to you if interested. Partner with relevant companies, such as insurance, mortgage, title companies, etc., to be referred. Another popular way to get referral leads is by signing up with a referral network. Most networks provide online leads and only charge a small fee at closing. 

4- Organic Leads

Instead of you chasing leads, organic leads are those who come to you by searching for a service/product. Organic leads are potential customers who find your business by searching for a particular thing in a search engine. These leads and important prospects as they got attracted by your offerings and decided to reach you out of their own will. To get more organic leads: 

  • Understanding the search terms your customers and prospects use to navigate
  • The search engine is essential for generating organic traffic.
  • Upload regular, consistent, and useful content keeping in mind peoples’ interests. 
  • Add videos on both your website homepages and blog pages. 

5- Social Media Leads

As we live in a digital world, almost everyone browses the internet when wanting to buy or sell a property. The best approach to get social media leads is by designing compelling and cohesive social media content. Having a strong social media following can attract devoted clients who are influenced by your products and content.

Make sure the information is fair-handed. This calls for interesting content to hold the public’s attention and sales-related content to advertise you as a realtor. 

  • Instagram can potentially be an important source of leads, particularly for millennials. Use popular hashtags to captivate followers, such as #newhome #property #realestateagent #apartmentsforrent
  • Join local community groups on Facebook to advertise current properties available for sale/rent. 
  • Connect with relevant people on LinkedIn to generate leads.

6- PPC Leads

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of online advertising in which the advertiser is charged a fee every time someone clicks their ad. These are potential leads looking for precise solutions. What is the value of my house? Who is the best agent in San Diago county? How can I get qualified for an FHA loan? How do I sell my house? If ranked well, each time someone clicks on your solution, you get exposure as a realtor. PPC is costly. Hence, it is preferable for agents to have a big budget and the time to follow up on each lead.  So this sums up another type of Real Estate Leads for Realtors.

7- Portal Leads

Many real estate agents now resort to portals to get leads. These portals are popular websites that many leads resort to when looking to buy and sell their homes. Hence, they have key information about the budget, timeline, and location of these leads. Popular real estate portals include Regentology, Zillow,, etc. 

Most of these portals create agents’ profiles and optimize them based on the selected area. Prospects in similar areas mostly like or believe in the portal they are searching. They contact you and the other agents whose profiles conveniently sit next to the house they want because of this.

8- Listings

Depending on their markets, real estate agents receive listing agreements in different ways. For instance, a real estate agent in a pricey neighborhood of a city like Los Angeles must host prospective clients for dinners or drinks to win their business. Other agents might become well-known by participating in local activities and using online marketing techniques.

Decide what type of listing you want to achieve. There are different leads for different listings, such as FSBOs listings, expired listings, or divorce listings. Decide on one and then target them accordingly. So this is the last type of Real Estate Leads for Realtors.

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