Regentology Vs HomeLight – The Difference

Regentology Vs HomeLight

Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to find the right real estate platform? Because there are just too many! It gets so confusing as a realtor while searching for the best platform because each claims to be the best. A vast majority of professionals use these plans for buying and selling purposes. The two renowned options for realtors in 2022 are Homelight and Regentology. In this blog we will discuss completely about Regentology Vs HomeLight comparison.

1- What is HomeLight?

HomeLight is a tech real estate website that links customers with real estate brokers using its algorithm. It is one of the hundreds of websites that help house sellers and buyers locate real estate agents online. They rate realtors based on statistics and output.

A house buyer or seller goes to HomeLight, complete a set of questions, and then submits your contact details. They will contact you to collect further information to make agent options.

2- What is Regentology?

Regentology is a real estate referral network that connects customers with the finest realtors based on their demands. They reduce the complex nature of your investment through AI-based CRM and a human-powered process. It links customers with the finest real estate, home loan, and insurance specialists in the region.

3- How HomeLight Work?

HomeLight rate agents according to their stats. When you deal with one of their suggested agents, the realtor pays 25% of their commission to HomeLight. So, on even a 6% commission, HomeLight will get paid 0.75 percent of your home’s sale value. Only to inform you who local realtors are and some basic statistics. You can obtain this yourself from other sites. Most people may think it’s a little costly. HomeLight provides buyers and sellers about: 

  • Local Realtors information
  • Local Listing information
  • Realtor’s statistics
  • Customer support
  • Negotiation track records
  • Home Consultancy

In contrast to Regentology, where customers may obtain competitive bids from agents forthwith and enjoy the same comprehensive service while saving thousands, home sellers and buyers do not get any incentives here.

4- How Regentology Works?

The geo-targeted adverts are created to provide you with the most essential info. The greatest thing is you only pay a referral bonus after you complete the purchase. Regentology propels professional progress by matching the right lead to the right expert at the perfect moment.

Regentology provides home selling, buying, insurance, and the best available insurance options. A dedicated network of professional real estate agents will help you find the best deals available. Needing a mortgage pre-approval, or the best insurance, Regentology can be the best option for you.

Regentology provides free consultation to buyers and sellers. For professional realtors, at only one time $299 fee, they provide :

  • An AI-based CRM
  • Best marketing campaigns with automated follow-ups
  • A responsive 365 days support
  • Title and Escrow process access
  • Home inspector and improvement access

5- Regentology Vs HomeLight ? (The Difference)

Both of these companies deal in real estate but there are some certain differences.

i- Formation Of HomeLight

Drew Uher, the company’s CEO, created HomeLight in 2012. He and his wife struggled to find brokers based on their needs or skills. The company, which was once geared toward buyers, is now geared toward sellers. 

Bullpen Ventures led a $3 million round of fundraising in February 2015. The participation was from Montage Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Krillion Ventures, 500 Startups, and Western Technology Investment. Zeev Ventures and Group 11 invested $11 million in HomeLight throughout 2016. By 2017, the firm has acquired $15.5 million and counting from investors.

The equity funding raised HomeLight’s worth to $1.6 billion. It’s nearly double what it was when they secured $109 million in debt in November 2019.

ii- Formation Of Regentology

The idea of Regentology came when the founder Usman Sayed was standing at Times Square on December 30th, 2009. He looked at an iPhone ad through an android phone. He realized that Real Estate would never be the same due to the high-tech advancements in the world.

Usman saw that there is plenty to be learned from everything being created and implemented around us. The one element that’ll never shift is having the people in the right locations.

The only problem was that the following generation, who would be using all of this tech, was yet not prepared. They were still growing, and the ideal time to link the technology and its ultimate user had not yet arrived.

The concept of Regentology improved and was introduced after many trials to get where it is today. Regentology raised an undisclosed amount on August 1, 2019. The current value of this company stands near $100 million.

6- Analysis Between Regentology vs HomeLight!

i- HomeLight Benefits And Disadvantages

HomeLight’s agent matching method is automated, which allows it to be faster than rivals. You get your agent matches at once. Because the procedure involves no human interaction, you even can do it in the middle of the night. In comparison to its rivals, HomeLight appears to have stronger coverage in rural regions. This is most likely due to its vast network size.

Small-town consumers may receive some matches from a nearby city, because of fewer sales. This is because the company’s algorithm emphasizes the number of sales.

Relying on technology can result in poor quality matches, technological difficulties, and delays. Most competition’ services employ algorithms to influence matches as well. Many have a personal concierge hand-picking technique. That includes data clients submit and their real knowledge of the network’s employees.

HomeLight doesn’t offer cost-saving benefits for home sellers or buyers. Some agent matching services like Regentology do. Regentology provides the same service as HomeLight, connecting customers with high-quality local agents. The best 3% of real estate agents work with Regentology. 

Any agent, as far as we can determine, may join the HomeLight network. There are no requirements for sales volume, favorable feedback, or degree of experience. As a result, becoming a member of this network does not confer credibility on a real estate agent.

Data is the base of HomeLight. How effectively that works will be determined by the data they utilize. The other factor is its accuracy, and how they make judgments based on those figures. It might be good to discover whichever local agents have the top web reviews. Paying 0.75 per cent of your home’s worth for such free information appears to be too pricey.

ii- Regentology Benefits And Disadvantages

Regentology has the best network of real estate agents specializing in the real estate market. Regentology is well-versed in the real estate industry. This implies they have a rich idea of brokerage services, qualifying criteria, and essential metrics. Moreover, marketing and sale operations are their other skill sets.

Regentology provides free consultations to buyers and sellers. If anyone is looking for mortgage officers and insurance agents, Regentology is the best way to do that. The loan officers and insurance agents are well-qualified and top-of-the-line. Earning trust and honesty all along the road is their way.

Realtors are given the best services. Regentology has an advanced AI-based CRM which provides users an automated state-of-the-art experience. The marketing campaigns they do for their customers are the most effective ones for generating leads. One of the main reasons why they are booming in the real estate world is its 365 days of support from the finest agents.

Regentology provides home inspector and improvement access which is a total bargain. They will assist all along with the title and escrow process.

The disadvantage Regentology has in front of its competitors is its young age. That’s why agents and staff at Regentology are striving hard to make it an upcoming giant in the real estate industry. This can be beneficial for realtors who join this platform. Having a 4.2 / 5 rating, this platform is an imminent player in the real estate world. This is also one of the important points of the comparison b/w Regentology Vs HomeLight. Apart from this read our blog on Pay at Closing For Real Estate.


HomeLight is a well-established real estate company while Regentology is an upcoming player in this industry. If you’re looking for statistical information about realtors with a track record of negotiations, HomeLight can do the work for you. So this concludes the comparison b/w Regentology Vs HomeLight.

If you need an up-to-date AI-based CRM, Regentology is the best affordable option.


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