A 2023 Guide To Sell Your Home In Tennessee Fast!

Sell your home in Tennessee

You have decided to start a new chapter in life. It’s time to move on to newer things. But first, you got to sell your home in Tennessee fast! We understand selling your home can be an emotional process. Moving your personal belongings from a place where your memories once resided makes selling an even more complex process. The best you can do is get the best return on your home.

For that, we have compiled a list of things you should look into before you sell your home in Tennessee. Make sure to do your homework in order to land the best offer in the shortest time possible!

1- Congrats! You’re In A Seller’s Market

You’re selling at the right time. The year 2023 is the year of the seller. In a seller’s market, there are more people trying to buy homes than there are available homes. Demand is high, and so is the price. As a result, the seller reaps the rewards.

Tennessee, like the rest of the country, is seeing a 23.5% spike in house prices. Demand is likewise strong, giving you a competitive advantage as a seller. You can easily land a good deal with the buyer due to a lack of housing inventory.

2- Have You Found A Real Estate Agent Yet?

There are two ways to go about selling your home in Tennessee. The first way is through FSBO. For a listing by owner. This method saves you from paying commissions that can range from 5% to 6%. You can move at your own pace and have a sense of more control.

Is a modest sum of money, however, worth the hassle of selling a house on your own?

Selling a home on your own takes considerable time and effort. Agents have more expertise, experience, and access to listings than the general public. They know how to weed out parties that are a waste of time. With their great negotiating skills, they can obtain you with a better deal.

3- The Best Time To Sell Your Home In Tennessee

Some seasons are more favorable to sellers as demand is high and prospects are willing to buy at a higher rate. The ideal times to sell a house are in the summer and spring. Prices are high, and there is fierce competition. The winter and fall seasons, on the other hand, are recognized as the slowest months for home sales. In our case, you’re the one who’s selling. It is recommended that you sell during the warmer months. High sales at high prices are guaranteed during the summer season.

4- How To Stage Your House

If your priority is to sell your home in Tennessee ASAP, stage it right. Staging a home in the right way is one of the easiest and quickest ways to sell your home for a good buck. Research has shown houses to be selling three times quicker than were staged in contrast to those that weren’t.

  • Declutter your home
  • Fix the lighting
  • Landscape the garden
  • Tidy up the house
  • Remove your personalized items
  • Renovate those kitchens and bathrooms
  • Add accessories where needed

5- Take Care Of The Seller’s Disclosure Requirements

As a seller, you have to present a disclosure statement to the buyer before signing the purchase contract. List down any material defects present in your property that you know of. Refraining to do so can result in the rejection of the buyer’s offer if they find serious defects in their home inspection report.

The seller disclosure form inquires about legal matters such as border encroachments and your property ownership. It inquires about the roof, slab, insulation, sidewalk, plumbing, and heating systems, among other things. Hazardous elements such as asbestos, radon, methamphetamine, and mold are also important.

Regentology Can Sell Your Home In Tennessee Fast

Regentology‘s network of qualified and experienced specialists can assist you quickly in selling your home in Tennessee. Allow us to match you with the area’s most knowledgeable agent. Fill out our simple form, and we’ll connect you with a qualified real estate agent for a no-cost consultation.


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