The Right Fixtures To Do Before You Sell Your House In Georgia

Sell Your House In Georgia

You’ve finally come up with the decision to sell your house in Georgia. However, it can be intimidating to think about upgrading and preparing your property for sale. All those minor fixes you were delighted to put off for the next day may appear to a buyer as major issues. So, what are your options?

The viable option is to invest some time and money in a few renovations that will help you get your home ready for the market. Although this may appear to be a lot of work, it can pay off handsomely. Over a quarter of sellers who do the right fixtures sell their homes for more than the asking price.

1- Best Time To Sell Your House In Georgia

Georgia’s real estate cycle is well-defined, with property prices rising and dropping in lockstep. The optimal time to sell your house in Georgia is based on your goals using actual real estate transaction data. This makes preparing to sell a Georgia house a lot easier.

In general, the market begins the year at the lower end of the value range, rising significantly during the summer season. The market drops in September and October. The percentage of properties available at above-average prices rise significantly in November and December.

2- Get Advice From An Agent First

Before you start making repairs to your home, begin by seeking advice from a reputable local real estate agent. Having them do a fast walkthrough can help you save a lot of money. People often make costly repairs or enhancements that will not result in a profit when they sell. Agents understand what purchasers want. They can assist you in performing a cost-benefit analysis for various repairs and upgrades.

3- Don’t Forget To Landscape Your Garden

When a buyer pulls up to your house, the first thing they see is the outside. An overgrown yard is a huge turn-off. Anything that is dead doesn’t belong in your yard. Prune the overgrown plants in your yard. You can re-sod or sow grass seed to keep the lawn looking fresh and green. You might want to do some edging to help delineate spaces. In addition, any beds should have new mulch or straw.

4- Get Your House Painted

The lowest-cost upgrade with the highest percentage of return is painting. Colors can be challenging to match relying on lighting and house characteristics like cabinets and flooring. A new coat of neutral paint may give the entire property a facelift when you’re attempting to sell, and buyers adore seeing a blank canvas. Gray has been popular in recent years if you’re seeking a “safe” color. 

5- Incorporate Safety Features

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are one of the first items that appraisers or house inspectors look for. Every state requires smoke detectors. Most states also demand the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in the house. Before you sell your house in Georgia, check the state’s requirements.

According to the state of Georgia, smoke detectors are required in every multifamily and single-family house, motel, rental unit, dorm, and other structure. Smoke alarms must be hardwired with a battery backup, networked, and UL-listed in newly constructed or remodeled residences.

When it comes to the installation of smoke detectors, be sure you know your state and local rules. Consult your real estate agent. For areas with a water supply, such as kitchens and bathrooms, GFCI outlets and receptacles are also required.

6- Start With Major Indoor Interiors 

Once you finish fixing the exterior, it’s time to start focusing on the interior of the house. Every house has minor and major issues that need attention. While minor issues often don’t catch the eye of the buyer, put special emphasis on fixing major issues. 

Invest in a pre-sale inspection to detect major flaws in your house that could turn off potential buyers or result in a lower appraisal if not addressed. Your real estate agent can walk you through the inspection report and help you prioritize the most important repairs. A few common issues that every house faces are mentioned below. 

i- Electrical Fixtures

Every house has electrical and lighting problems that need fixing. Electrical issues are often the cause behind fires in a house. They range from simple, low-cost fixes. Start with small problems like frayed wiring, missing wire nuts, and malfunctioning light switches. Move on to major projects like rewiring your entire house or replacing an obsolete circuit breaker.

ii- Plumbing Difficulties

Water damage from plumbing issues is dangerous because it can create dry rot and mold. The cost of repairing it is determined by a number of criteria. This includes the origin of the water, the area of the damaged section, and the length of time it has been there. Replacing the washers on a leaky faucet or the wax ring on a toilet are simple fixes.

iii- Fix Your Flooring

Before you sell your house in Georgia, try putting emphasis on the flooring if you have the budget. If you have a number of rooms with different flooring types, you might want to replace all of them with new flooring to create a consistent look throughout the house. Buyers prefer wood and faux wood floors over carpeting, despite the fact that they are more expensive. If you can’t afford wooden floors, modern carpeting is still a big selling feature. The ideal choice is choosing a good neutral color.

iv- Check Your Lighting

Upgrading lighting throughout a home is a low-cost improvement that may make a noticeable difference in terms of beauty. Remember to maintain colors consistent with your home’s hardware when looking at chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, and pendant lights.

v- Try Renovating Your Roof

Buyers are more driven than ever to buy homes that don’t need any maintenance, thanks to busy schedules and growing expenses for building supplies and labor. Hence, buyers want houses with good and up-to-date roofs. 

A deteriorating roof can reduce the value of your home and have a number of other consequences. It can cause issues such as bad ventilation and attic leaks. If your roof is in disrepair or is significantly older, it may be worth the cost to replace it before you sell your house. 

7- Other Fixtures To Do

After you’re done with major fixtures in the house, you can move on to other fixtures. Now all the other home repairs depend on your budget and the need for improvement. Some people don’t like fixing everything. While some prefer fixing everything, just to get the best return on their house. Keep reading to know what other fixtures you can do before you sell your house in Georgia. 

i- Kitchen Repairs

The kitchen is the first item that home buyers look at. From countertops, new cabinets, sinks, and flooring to painting the walls and adding trendy panels, there’s a lot to do. On average, sellers have seen great returns on kitchen remodeling. The kitchen remodeling should facilitate the buyer in his daily chores. The buyer should enjoy executing his daily activities there, such as cooking, chopping, dining, and washing.

ii- Bathroom Repairs

Bathrooms are frequently scrutinized by home buyers, so ensure yours is pristine. Chipped shower or tub tiles should be replaced. The grout should be thoroughly cleaned to remove mildew. Replace your caulk if it’s starting to appear shabby. Also, make sure to take care of nagging issues like clogged drains, dripping faucets, or a loo that runs continuously.

Start with a layer of neutral paint for a low-cost makeover. After that, concentrate on your lights and mirrors. Light fixtures are the least expensive thing you can do in a bathroom. Changing a plain mirror for a lovely framed one is another low-cost option that can dramatically alter the room’s appearance.

iii- Fiber Cement Siding

Siding made of wood, vinyl, stone, or brick is no longer fashionable since it deteriorates quickly and gives the illusion of a worn-out façade. Fiber cement should be used to replace these because it is both attractive and durable. When fiber cement siding is resold, it has been found to return 70% of its original value to the seller.

8- Don’t Get Carried Away With Minor Problems

Before you get swept up with these minor cosmetic tweaks, take a look at your home’s essential requirements. Are all of the major appliances in functioning order? Buyers have certain standards, including buying a house that has been well-kept, safe, and livable. 

In simple words, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen but your roof is dripping like a faucet, you should first focus on the roof concerns before proceeding with any changes.

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