Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A House In Washington State

Selling A House In Washington State

Do you plan on selling a house in Washington State? If that’s the case, you’ll clearly want to sell quickly and for the greatest possible price. Almost every seller has this aspiration. Due to housing shortages, properties are selling quickly and at surprisingly high prices across the country. However, this does not imply that the rules for selling a house have changed.

There are a lot of things you should do to ensure a smooth transaction. But there are also some things you should avoid doing to prevent causing a delay. When it comes to selling a house in Washington state, here are a few pitfalls to avoid.

1- Refusing to Improve the Appearance When Selling A House In Washington State

If a buyer has an option, they will naturally go toward a home that appears to have been well-maintained. 

Imagine there are 2 houses available on the market. A prospective buyer walks through your property; he sees every wall in the house that needs repainting. The entire space needs cleaning as well. The second house is a little smaller, but it is ready to move into. The buyer is aware that they will pay more for the move-in-ready home. But they are willing to pay more if it means not having to clean and paint before moving in.

A move-in-ready home not only saves them time. It also provides the sense that the former owner took pride in the home and kept up with basic upkeep. 

2- Not Making The Necessary Repairs

When selling a house in Washington state, make sure to keep up with the necessary repairs. Pre-inspection and necessary repairs convince buyers to buy it quickly.  You can’t count on buyers to overlook costly repairs. A home inspector will spot such problems and alert the buyer. Problems can be anything.  For example, your water heater on its last legs, or a non-working furnace.

3- Springtime Isn’t The Only Time For Selling A House in Washington

Most houses tend to sell higher and more quickly in the spring season. However, it’s not your only option. Let’s imagine you’re planning to relocate in September or October. Even though prices may not be as high, competition will be less. There will be fewer houses on the market reducing the competitors for you. Hence, don’t forget to consider other seasons too, when selling a house in Washington. 

4- Setting Unrealistic Prices During Selling A House In Washington State

Setting unrealistically high prices will only decrease your chances of selling a house in Washington State. While it’s fine to wish for a high sales price, pricing your home too high can have the opposite impact. 

A costly home makes the competition look better. Don’t give an advantage to your competitors.  Overpricing limits the number of people when they apply pricing filters. It can raise suspicions that you’re an irrational seller with an inflated idea of the property’s value.

5- Not Selling With An Agent

A professional realtor can get you a higher price for your house than what you get on your own. The reason for this is that buyers expect a discount on a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) home. Selling a house in Washington state requires time and experience. 

Promoting a home is difficult for first-time sellers. Thus, FSBO homes may sit on the market for a long period before selling. Going the FSBO method could make you think you’re saving money, but you could actually be wasting money.

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