Selling Your House on Your Own Vs. Using an Agent

Selling your house on your own vs an agent

Selling your house or any property, for that matter, is hard work. And to save a pretty penny, homeowners go the FSBO way. FSBO is a term in the real estate world which means For Sale By Owner. This method may save money. But, there are pros and cons to consider. Additionally, weighing options will always be beneficial, and being the owner, only you can decide what is best for you.

Deciding to list your home on your own or hire an agent is a tough question to ask. Because it is not as straightforward as one may think. Selling your house can include tens, if not hundreds, of decision-making situations. So, we compiled the benefits of both to make it easier for anyone who wants to understand both pathways.

1-Selling Your House On Your Own- FSBO

FSBO is a method that enables the owner to sell the property without needing a real estate agent. That means that the whole process, from state to end, is handled and controlled by the owner. That includes drawing paperwork, listing, staging, pricing, negotiating, etc.

So the question is: why do people choose FSBO in the first place? The assistance that the realtor or real estate agent does provide comes at a price, though. The price can range from 3- 6% commission fee. While it can save a few dollars, it’s most important to note that a skilled, experienced local real estate agent can tactfully strategize pricing. Resultantly, it may even be possible that the benefit you acquire from an FSBO or selling your house on your own, could turn out to be lower as compared to using an agent.

2- Benefits of Selling Your House on Your Own

Below are the benefits mentioned of selling your home on your own.

i- Selling Your House On Your Own To Avoid Agent Commission

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons for using FSBO is to avoid paying extravagant commissions. Commissions are based on the property’s final selling price and are settled when the deal is done and closed. It is common practice that both the buy and the seller hire agents who split the commission two ways.

ii- Manage Open Houses & Showing Schedules

It gets pretty hectic selling your house when rushing out for last-minute showings or conducting open houses over the weekend. Let us not forget that such events continuously demand spick and span, pristine conditions of your home for visitors. So obviously, when you are in charge of showing your home to interested parties, you can decide the time and date. Moreover, when selling your house yourself, it relieves you of the need to wait for the agent to conduct the showing.

iii- Highly Motivated By Selling Your House For The Highest Price Possible

When it is your own dough on the line, you will have to exert extra effort and invest time to present your home to potential buyers in the best possible way. Many platforms for advertising online are available that are perfect for selling your house by yourself.

3- Benefits of Hiring an Agent For Selling Your House

Below are the benefits mentioned of selling your home using an agent.

i- In-depth Knowledge of Market and Pricing Strategy

Professional real estate agents are skilled and experienced. Their advice or recommendations are the product of years of hard work so, it pays to heed their words. Real estate agents know the worth of property in the area and the kind of pricing that will get potential buyers through the door.

ii- Extensive Market Exposure

Realtors have access to local MLS and listings online, social media, and networks of professionals and are connected firmly with other agents. They also have market recognition, so hiring an agent for selling your house is going to get lots of attention.

iii- Selling Your House & Conducting Professional Negotiations

Agents with the right kind of experience can easily spot sober buyers. These skilled and experienced agents can manoeuvre in the direction of the desired offer. It eradicates wasted efforts such as answering phone calls, negotiating, etc. Because they have experience in selling and buying, hiring an agent is always beneficial in selling your house.

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