Top 10 Platforms To Build A Real Estate Social Network!

real estate social network

Long gone are the day when you had to use old-school marketing techniques to generate leads and do more business! With the advancement in technology, many real estate agents rely on the digitalization of technology to generate leads on auto-pilot, make follow-ups, and maintain relationships. Building a strong real estate social network is the top one of them! 

Utilizing a real estate social network to grow your career is vital, but choosing which platform to use to advertise your company can be challenging. Knowing which platforms to use is crucial if you want to implement a successful social media strategy.  Let’s discuss the best social media channels for marketing your real estate company.

Growing A Real Estate Social Network

Nowadays, prospects looking for a house to buy browse the internet to look for available properties and expert real estate agents. You’re already familiar with this if you work in real estate. If you’re reading this article, you probably want to know how to maximize social media for your real estate business. The key to increasing the visibility of your real estate business online is to get the most out of your digital interactions with your clients, prospective clients, and other users. You are developing leads that will eventually result in a closed deal. Real estate agents can more easily identify their target market on social media and build enduring, long-term relationships with them. 

Recent research conducted by the National Association of Realtors examined the use of social media by its members as a sales and deal-closing tool. It claims that generating real estate leads and closing deals now depend heavily on social media. 99% of millennials look online before looking at actual listings when looking for a home. Similarly,  77% of real estate agents use social media to conduct business. 

Name Website
1. Facebook www.Facebook.Com
2. LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.Com
3. Instagram www.Instagram.Com
4. Twitter www.Twitter.Com
5. Tiktok www.Tiktok.Com
6. Youtube www.Youtube.Com
7. Pinterest www.Pinterest.Com
8. Trulia www.Trulia.Com
9. NextDoor www.NextDoor.Com
10. Reddit www.Reddit.Com

1- Facebook

real estate social network - Facebook

Facebook is a top real estate social network that plays a great role in attracting leads and advertising your business. There are several ways real estate agents can use Facebook to their advantage, which include Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Groups. According to NAR, 97% of real estate agents use Facebook. 

With Facebook Ads, you can specify a specific mile radius for your target audience. The first aspect of targeting for real estate ads should be based on location. You can target people on Facebook precisely through a specific ZIP code.  you can then add demographic filters such as age, income, etc. Additionally, you can use carousel ads that feature a collection of pictures of the house’s various rooms. This will help potential buyers determine their interest in the home and ultimately click on the ad that leads to your website. 

Facebook Messenger is a fantastic tool for fostering communication with neighbours. Do you notice that people are reluctant to share their phone numbers and email? Given that it requires fewer details from them up front, talking to people on Messenger might be a simpler first step. Facebook Messenger can be used for free or with paid advertisements.

The most popular use of Facebook Marketplace is to buy and sell local products that can be picked up. However, it’s also a prime hub for real estate listings.  Both homes for sale and rental property are available in two separate areas of Facebook Marketplace. Use listings that are mobile-friendly to reach people who are on the go. Provide pertinent property information, such as the type of housing, cost, and the number of rooms and bathrooms.

Community-focused Facebook Groups can have hundreds to thousands of members, depending on whether the group is for your neighbourhood, town, county, or elsewhere. The basic idea is still the same: You get a chance to promote your company and brand to a target market in your neighborhood.

2- LinkedIn

Real Estate Social Network - Linkedin

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the best paid and organic social media platform. According to research, 82% of B2B marketers say they have had the most success. Similar to Facebook ads, you can run LinkedIn advertising campaigns for generating leads. The professional environment on LinkedIn is its best-known feature. You can establish relationships with local executives and business owners. 

It’s the ideal venue for making connections with other agents in your area because it’s a professional networking site. To exchange leads and share your listings with other agents, you can create a personal network. It’s not necessary to limit networking to other agents. Connect with real estate experts like mortgage brokers, home appraisers, and home inspectors to expand your horizons. By optimizing your profile’s profile, photos, bio, and location, you can ensure that it is prepared to receive these connections. So this sums up about linkedin which can be used as a real estate social network.

3- Instagram

Instagram - Real Estate Social Network

Instagram is the second-largest social network after Facebook and is owned by the very same parent company, Meta. Instagram used to only be a social media platform, but now it also functions as a search engine, making it an ideal real estate social network. That’s why it is important to understand Instagram to use all its features and hashtags to your real estate business advantage. 

Start by optimizing your Instagram bio to include local keywords that people might type in to find your services. Your Instagram bio for real estate should immediately distinguish you from the other realtors in your neighbourhood.

Instagram real estate content should be a mix of public persona and product. Do you have any amazing properties that you are listing? Post the virtual tours, listing images, and buyers. Real estate agents can position themselves by using Instagram Stories. Polls like “Is anyone else as fascinated by this landscape as I am?” “Should the interior have neutral or dull colours?” or unique behind-the-scenes footage of real estate listings to creatively advertise the properties.

Lastly, hashtags on Instagram improve search engine visibility and help your posts draw in new viewers. Before adding a hashtag to a post on your feed, do some research. With the aid of hashtags, you can attract new leads, interact with potential prospects, and target the audience you would like to see your posts. Use hashtags like #BayArea #SanDiegoCounty #justlisted #propertiesforsake #kellerwilliamsrealty #openhouse #househunting.

4- Twitter


Having relevant conversations with locals is one of the best ways for real estate agents to use Twitter. Twitter is all about focusing on the most recent information and popular hashtags. Use a search term that is pertinent to the regions you serve to conduct a keyword search. Develop a strategy that combines informative and timely content with motivational and inspirational tweets to encourage your followers to participate in the discussion.

Writing 140-character tweets requires a significant amount of effort:

  • Create a tweet that appeals to your target audience, which may include buyers, sellers, or renters. 
  • Get the word out about your agency to those in the housing market.
  • Aid in achieving your company’s real estate lead generation objectives

5- Tiktok

Tiktok - Social media Platform

TikTok has a growing professional presence despite its origins as a site for young people to share amusing videos. Reaching out to potential customers and showcasing properties on TikTok can be a creative idea for those in the real estate business. Realtors can connect with a variety of potential buyers by producing interesting content and utilizing the platform’s tools.

Tiktok is a great platform to establish a presence if you are a real estate coach, want to connect with other agents, learn amusing insider tips and tricks of the trade, or love showcasing your stunning properties. So this sums up about TikTok which can be used as a real estate social network.

6- Youtube

Youtube - Real Estate Social Network

Buyers and sellers have many questions about the real estate market, especially those who step foot in the market for the first time. You will become a well-known expert in your field if you have a YouTube channel where you respond to the most common queries. Keyword research is the first step in making a YouTube channel for real estate agents because it makes your video more visible in search results.

Do not presume that each video must be related to real estate. Make videos that respond to queries that people might have about local eateries, activities, and other subjects. These kinds of videos can put you on the radar of your target audience, and if they need a real estate agent, they will think of contacting you. 

You could monetize your videos and earn money on Youtube just for posting them if your channel really takes off and grows. YouTube videos can be made without a big-budget Hollywood production. You already have everything you need to benefit your audience on YouTube if you have a mobile phone and a YouTube account.

7- Pinterest

Pinterest - Real Estate Social Network

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that real estate professionals use the least. Over 363 million people use Pinterest every month, with 91 million of those people located in the US. In that it’s a visual platform, Pinterest is comparable to Instagram. As a result, it’s a wonderful place to share listing photos. Another website where your name will appear whenever anyone searches for you is Pinterest for real estate. The consumer will see boards and pins with great information about purchasing and selling real estate as well as your local area if you are active on Pinterest. So Pinterest stands in the seventh position in the list of Top Real Estate Social Networks.

8- Trulia

Trulia - Real Estate Social Network

Trulia is more of an MLS listing website than a pure social media platform. Trulia is a one-stop real estate resource that can help you determine what, where, and when to buy, sell, or rent by providing you with local information on homes for sale, apartments for rent, neighborhood insights, and real estate markets and trends. Real estate databases on Trulia connect buyers and renters with listing agents and provide for-sale and rental listings. Trulia frequently attracts new agents, making it an ideal platform for more seasoned agents to establish their expertise.

9- NextDoor

NextDoor - Real Estate Social Network

The main goal of NextDoor is to promote neighborhood unity. NextDoor is excellent for establishing a solid reputation as it is focused on street-level communities. The distinctive social media platform NextDoor aims to foster relationships between people in particular neighborhoods. This is a great place to develop relationships with your neighbors in a local community.

10- Reddit

Reddit -Social Media Netwrok

On Reddit, you can join particular communities, or “subreddits,” that interest you. Numerous subreddits on Reddit are dedicated to housing, real estate, and the buying and selling of homes. The discussion and interaction on these subreddits are pretty narrowly focused on the subject that the community is interested in. You can position yourself for instant messages from interested users by participating in the discussion and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. So Reddit stands in the tenth position in the list of Top Real Estate Social Networks

Some Important F.A.Q’s to Consider

1- Which social media platforms are most effective for real estate marketing?

The following five social media platforms are most important for effective marketing in real estate:
i. The best real estate social network, Facebook, generates leads and promotes your company. Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Groups are just a few of the ways real estate agents can utilise Facebook to their advantage.

ii. Instagram is owned by the same parent company as Facebook, Meta, and is the second-largest social network after Facebook. Instagram was once just a social media platform, but now it also serves as a search engine, making it the perfect social network for real estate.

iii. LinkedIn is the best paid and organic social media platform for businesses to business. It’s a professional networking site, making it the perfect place to connect with other agents in your neighborhood.

iv. Twitter is all about focusing on the most recent information and popular hashtags. Having relevant conversations with locals is one of the best ways for real estate agents to use Twitter.

v. TikTok has a growing professional presence despite its origins as a site for young people to share amusing videos. Reaching out to potential customers and showcasing properties on TikTok can be a creative idea for establishing a strong real estate social network.

2- What does real estate networking stand for?

Building relationships that are mutually beneficial and present chances for career advancement is the process of networking. Similar to other professions, real estate requires solid connections, which can be made through networking. Find those who are looking to buy or sell a home and require the help of a real estate agent. You must act wisely if you want to develop connections with prospective customers.

3- What are some strategies for quickly getting real estate clients?

  • Purchase real estate leads
  • Sign up with a referral company 
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Engage in your local community
  • Cold calling

4- Which type of real estate agent typically earns the highest income?

“A Real Estate Broker.”

Real estate brokers earn the highest six-figure income. On average, brokers earn more than real estate agents. Income levels are also affected by the experience an agent has. Most fresh real estate agents make little as they struggle to establish connections. On the other hand, experienced agents/brokers have established strong connections due to years of experience. Hence, they earn higher commissions. 

5- What are the effective ways to attract buyers to create a strong real estate social network?

Social media plays an important role in building a strong online presence for your real estate business. Agents can attract a lot of buyer and seller leads by using social media effectively to advertise their business. 

  • Build an approachable presence: Many agents pay hundreds of dollars to create professional profiles and write bios. Some of these can come off as intimidating and not friendly enough. Creating a real estate social network media presence that reflects your true personality and makes you look friendly, approachable, and fun is important. 
  • Promote the neighborhood: While it’s important to advertise and show each and every nook and cranny of a house, it’s equally important to show the neighborhood where the house is located. Buyers are interested to know what type of location they would be moving it. Is the neighborhood safe? Is it family-friendly? Does the neighborhood have easy access to nearby schools and parks? Does it have nearby bus stops? 
  • Short Videos: One way to attract potential prospects is to upload short and precise videos designed to target buyers’ visual senses. While pictures are important, videos allow you to form an emotional connection with your audience when done correctly. 
  • Create TikToks: Many people associate Tiktok with teenagers and don’t give in to the idea of creating TikTok videos. However, the app is getting famous among millennials which are potential prospecting. Creating fun, engaging, and short TikToks with audio and visual aids is a great way to attract buyers. 
  • Handle criticism: While good reviews boost anyone’s real estate business, negative comments are inevitable. Everyone gets them, and it’s not wise to delete them straight away. Responding to negative comments efficiently by handling the client’s concerns and mitigating their frustration shows that you are a confident real estate agent with a powerful real estate social network. 

6- What are the five benefits of real estate?

i- Building Wealth: When you make rental payments each month, you add to the landlord’s wealth. In contrast, making mortgage payments adds to your own wealth. Real estate investments can appreciate in value over time, providing the opportunity for capital gains.

ii- Hedge Against Inflation: Real estate provides a hedge against the devaluation of a currency. When inflation arises, the cost of living and rental income increases as well. This means as the price of other things rises, your rental income also rises, protecting you from the effects of inflation. 

iii- Price Appreciation: Real estate tends to increase in value over time. Real estate can produce a consistent income stream through appreciation because it is a tangible asset and is typically less unpredictable than stock market investments.

iv- Stable Cash Flow: Once operating costs and mortgage payments have been made, a real estate investment’s cash flow is its remaining net income. Cash flow generation is a key advantage of real estate investing. In many cases, as you pay off your mortgage and increase your equity, your cash flow will only get stronger over time.

v- Tax Breaks: By investing in real estate, you can save yourself a lot of money through tax breaks. Real estate investors enjoy the advantage of various tax breaks, including deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, operating expenses, and depreciation.

7- What is the scope of real estate in 2023?

2023 appears to be a stable year for US real estate. Over the past few years, the real estate market has been slowly recovering, and this pattern is anticipated to continue. Due to ‌the rising population and falling housing prices, we can anticipate a rise in housing demand. The real estate sector will also continue to benefit from technology, with a greater emphasis on digital marketing, virtual home tours, and data-driven decision-making. Increased infrastructure and transportation investment will also support the real estate market in many cities.

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