5 Best Restaurants In Seattle You Need To Try Now!

Best Restaurants In Seattle

New to Emerald City and craving good food? We have made a list of the best restaurants in Seattle you need to try! Whether you are visiting the city for the first time or you are a new resident, there are restaurants that you need to try to satisfy those cravings.

Seattle, other than being famous for its coffee culture is also popular for its diverse range of cuisines. It is perhaps best recognized for its outstanding Asian eateries. The city has a vibrant Japanese food culture, including world-renowned sushi chefs. Culinary delights abound in Emerald City. Because of its seaside setting, Seattle inhabitants are naturally fond of seafood.

1- The Pink Door

Let’s start with the pink door- one of the best restaurants in Seattle out there having a rating of 4.6! The restaurant is well-known for its Burlesque acts and trapeze entertainment, as well as a terrace with views of Elliott Bay. Customers praise everything from the cuisine and drinks to the service, entertainment, and atmosphere. The major theme of its immensely popular domain in Seattle’s Pike Place Market has been its seafood and produce-driven menu. Any pasta dish you order will be delicious, but their seafood is to die for!

2- Canlis

Since the 1950s, Canlis is a landmark fine-dining destination serving Pacific Northwest cooking in a midcentury contemporary mansion. The food and service have been re-energized by a year of imaginative menu revisions and a super-seasonal approach making it one of the best restaurants in Seattle. Duck with bitter chicory, striploin with wild rice and Walla Walla onions, and grilled sablefish with abalone are among the dishes on a recent four-course meal. When you go inside the restaurant, you are greeted with modest greetings while the host checks you in. The entire team delivers outstanding service. It is not inexpensive, but it is a must for any true Seattle foodie.

3- Cafe Munir

With the increasing love for veganism, you’re going to love the place if your one too. Small meals and whiskey from around the world make this an elegant alternative for modern Lebanese dining. The food at this Ballard restaurant is a vegetarian’s dream, with plenty of plant-based influences from owner Rajah Gargour’s Lebanese background. The small plates of roasted garlic lentils, sweet pears in savory tahini, and house labneh never fail to impress. Make sure to not miss out on their Baklava in the dessert section!

4- Spinasse

Spinasse, a lively high-end Northern Italian dining in a quaint, rustic environment with an open kitchen, is one of the best restaurants in Seattle. After more than a decade, this beautiful trattoria on Capitol Hill continues to enchant guests with Italian Piedmont cuisine. Start off with their appetizers with La Tur cheese being the most famous one. You can’t really go wrong with anything here. Moving on to the other options, Cipollini onions are fantastic, and a must-try. The delicate tajarin pasta nest with buttery sage sauce is a Seattle comfort traditional dish, but chef Stuart Lane’s dishes are all noteworthy. The staff is courteous and will thoroughly explain each course to you.

5- Shaker + Spear

This stylish café in the Kimpton Palladian Hotel serves Pacific Northwest cuisine in a pale-wood setting. The seafood at Shaker & Spear is matched with fresh, regional ingredients. In a friendly atmosphere in one of Seattle’s coolest areas, Belltown, patrons can enjoy food and drinks. Start with raw scallops with plums and a salty sauce on top, which is balanced by the sour sweetness of the plum slices. Don’t miss out on their black cod meal and tender lamb entree.

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