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Regentology is a Next-Generation ALL-IN-ONE Platform, built specifically for Realtors by Realtors

At Regentology, we are incentivized to provide agents with online leads as we get paid a lead fee if the leads we give agents close and actually make them money! We are on the same page with agents across our network on turning a lead into a transaction.


CRM & Marketing

Virtual Assistant

Regentology Overview

Regentology generates thousands of leads from around the web, taking on the risk of lead generation for you. Our geo-targeted ad campaigns are designed to give you the most important and relevant information. And the best part? You only pay a lead fee when you close.

  • Grow your business, Pay a lead fee only for successful closings.
  • Our expert team connects you with Intent verified, Potential Prospects.

Greater Exposure Leads To More Business.

Regentology give you a great online exposure, which leads to more business and allows you to outperform your competitors . At Regentology, we provide credible and most effective sources when it comes to marketing. Giving you hyperlocal dominance and the ability to:

  • Increased engagement with online prospects
  • Amplify your visibility to the local community
  • Increased search engine ranking and visibility
  • Greater credibility and trust in the eyes of customers
  • Most importantly, get discovered and hired more….

Online Leads

Regentology drives growth for professionals by connecting the right lead, to the right professional, at the right time.

  • Focus on Customer: If lead generation annoys you and you just want to help the customers, outsourcing your lead generation in exchange for lead fees is a win-win for your lifestyle. With Regentology you don’t have to worry about digital marketing, Facebook ads, PPC, or complicated funnels in order to generate leads. Just focus on closing a deal!
  • Build Relationship and Close: It doesn’t get much easier than that. These are potential prospects. All you have to do is connect, build a relationship, and close.

Pay a Referral fee When You Close

Tired of paying a hefty upfront cost for leads that are junk, aren’t even looking, won’t close? Looking for a way to grow your business without sinking more money into it first? With Regentology you pay when you close.

  • We Win When You Win:  Not only do you only pay a referral fee when a deal closes, but it also aligns with our incentives. We are incentivized to provide agents with leads as we get paid if the leads we give are closed by agents and actually make them money! We are on the same page with agents across our network on turning a lead into a transaction.
  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs: Pay for leads at closing is…. You pay a referral fee for leads at closing. Talk about leading with revenue



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NOTE: Above numbers are based on data from Oct 2020 till Sep 30, 2022

Regentology CRM is all you need to Prosper!


An approach that will enhance the growth of your company.


The most effective way to amplify your impact.


Establish and maintain strong relationships with your clients


Save time and see results that leave you happier and triumphant.

Get a Virtual Assistant

Our talented and professional virtual assistants will help your business accomplish more!

With our virtual assistants, you do not have to worry about handling your sales and client management. We got your back!

Forget about all your backend problems because our VAs will take care of them! You will have your own personal virtual assistant who will perform all your time-consuming tasks for you. 

Regentology helps you go further with Focus

Data is the backbone of any business. The success of a new business highly depends on how you manage and utilize your data.

With Regentology, you will be able to move further in your business and grow without worrying about the lack of data.

Regentology provides you with all the tools you need to organize, manage and utilize your existing data as well as update your database with new leads. We’ll take off your data needs for you!


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