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 Agent/broker agrees to pay Regentology the greater of 20% for the broker and 25% for agents of the Gross Commission or the Minimum Referral Fee (the “Referral Fees”) for any real estate brokerage services of any and all real estate transactions (including subsequent purchase, sale or lease commissions on any property) involving the Referral during the Referral Coverage period.


 Referral fees are tied to the Referral. The obligation for Broker to pay Referral Fees under the Referral Agreement is not subject to an Agent’s continued employment or contractor relationship with Broker and is not waived, forgiven, or nullified upon the termination of such relationship. Should an Agent enter into a real estate transaction with a Referral during the Referral?  Coverage Period, Broker and Agent will be jointly and severally responsible for the respective Referral Fees attached to that Referral.


Agent/Broker agrees to a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $299 for an individual agent, $2,499 for a team, and $4,999 for a brokerage to join the Regentology network.


The Referral Service Agreement shall become effective on the Effective Date and will remain in effect for one (1) year following the Effective Date and will automatically renew for successive one-year periods until terminated by either Party pursuant to this section. Regentology or Agent/Broker may terminate the Agreement, with or without cause, at any time upon thirty (30) days prior to written or emailed notice of termination to the other party.


Termination of the Referral Agreement by either party shall have no impact on any compensation, credits or discounts, or other amounts owing or payable or that are later earned as a result of a Referral Acceptance by Broker which occurred prior to the termination of this Agreement.

Cancellation Process:

To cancel the referral service agreement you can complete the “service cancellation form” in its entirety and submit it to Regentology via email at

All cancellations are processed as per the terms of the referral agreement.

Click here to download Cancellation Form. 

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