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Life is TOO SHORT to be stuck working 80+ hours a week

Stress sucks the life out of you. Don’t waste another minute.

Your business can give you Freedom

We Know Running A Business Is Challenging, It Can Be Stressful And Overwhelming

But… your business will provide FREEDOM
with the right VA’s!


Perfectly Matched VA

Your virtual assistant will be perfectly matched to your real estate requirements.

Easy To Get Started

There are no contracts, no setup fees, no hidden fees.  Start with your virtual assistant today.

Screened, Trained, Onboarded

We handle everything, and we make sure it's perfect all the way through.

The Regentology Difference


We recruit Virtual Assistants based on your needs. We search within our own database of available VAs as well as recruit directly to ensure we have the right fit for your needs.


We vet the VAs for you based on the following criteria: internet speed (must hit our minimum requirements), power, backup power, backup computer access, identity, work history, skills, personality, and more.

Skillset Verification

We ensure the virtual assistants we hire, can do what they say they can and that they do it well. We test and retest their skill levels.

Internal Training

While we are recruiting and hiring for specialized skillsets, it’s important we have a process that works well, we train the VA first and even have a mentor guide them as they begin their role working with you.

Payroll Management

No need for you to be concern yourself with payroll, health insurance, international transfers, direct deposit, etc. We manage all payroll for the VAs we provide for you.

Time Tracking

With our internal processes and VA management, we track all VA work hours including start times, break times and end of shifts. Using Time Doctor 2, we also monitor screenshots for productivity verification.

Daily Reporting

With each VA we review daily reporting to ensure a clear understanding of their workload, their production output and to keep a general understanding of their performance.

Progress Reporting

Just as with any employee, we want to ensure your VA is progressing and getting better each day. We do regular progress report interviews and check-ins to evaluate ongoing performance.

Enhanced Dual Support

Support for both you as a client if you have questions or needs to discuss and we support your VA with our own internal Subject Matter Expert team. If they have questions, we do our best be the resource for the answers.



Tell us what you need and our experts will curate a list of our best virtual assistants for the job.


Once you choose your assistants, we’ll help onboard so they can start working for you immediately.

Get Results

Magic is always there for you with advice to help you get the most out of your assistants. We’ll track your assistants performance and collect your feedback so assistants can improve.

Plans & Pricing

Part-Time Virtual Assistant

A Real Estate ISA may be the solution to your problems, no matter what kind of prospecting you do. Circle prospecting, geo-farming, Expireds & FSBOs, calling past clients & working referrals. Your Real Estate Virtual Assistants ensure that you’re generating all the leads you need and not missing opportunities for more business.

Hire a trained Real Estate ISA to take charge of your inside sales and expand the depth & scope of your phone prospecting, lead generation, nurturing & follow-up.

Your assistant will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

The best part is you get all this for less than $30 a day. 



20 hrs/wk

Full-Time Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Prospecting & lead generation are time-consuming, and realtors often find that the busier they become working deals & servicing customers, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones. Your Real Estate ISA will stay on top of that for you and work hard to ensure you keep in touch with existing & past clients.

Hire a Full-Time Real Estate ISA to take over your prospecting and expand your lead generation efforts & keep your social media up to date. Our trained virtual assistants will help you generate more leads, qualify them and allow you to focus on selling and generating commissions.

In addition to warm & cold calling, your full-time ISA’s can assist you with lead screening & pre-qualification, lead-nurturing, prospect & client follow-up calls & more!

Your dedicated assistant will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

Feel the power of today!



40 hrs/wk

Full-Time Sales & Marketing Team

Introducing Virtual Assistants/Teams – The Regentology Way to Grow your Team Without the Overheads, Recruitment, and Employee Management Headache.

Our Full-Time Sales & Marketing team work under an umbrella of support which gives them access to a variety of professional who is backed by our infrastructure.

Your team is here to help your gain more clients and build your brand all while working seamlessly behind the scene.

Your team will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

It's time for you to join the thousands of smart professionals already enjoying outstanding referrals.



Specialized Team

Don't Scale Alone. We're An
Extension of Your Business.

We help small business & enterprise clients with administration, marketing, inside sales, service, support, scheduling, prospecting, social media and so much more.

We make it easy to hire pre-vetted virtual assistants for your business. No sourcing, no screening, no overhead. We take care of it all for you.

The admin side of running a business can also be quite a handful. So for professionals who have to balance time with their customers and paperwork, our Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams can be a real blessing. We give you the tools to manage your virtual assistants so they can produce results.

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