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Best Attractions in Beaverton

Beaverton isn’t your typical neighborhood in Oregon, despite being just 7 miles west of Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. This city is between the majestic West Hills and the Tualatin Valley farm fields. It has its unique wineries, historic landmarks, foreign eateries, and Nike’s global headquarters. There are a lot of attractions in Beaverton, as it has over 100 parks, 30 miles of hiking trails, and 25 miles of cycle paths.

Second in size only to Portland, it is the sixth-largest city in Oregon. According to Money magazine, Beaverton is one of the best little places to live in the United States.

1- Tualatin Nature Park 

Tualatin Nature Park is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in Beaverton, Oregon. It’s a 222-acre nature and wildlife park. It has ponds, creeks, marshes, and forests, providing a habitat for species. Along with the 1.5 miles of bike tracks, the park has four unpaved trails. You may rent the Interpretive Center for private events or other meetings during non-programmed hours.

2- Cooper Mountain Nature Park 

There are 312 miles of trails at Cooper Mountain Nature Park. It includes oak woods, natural grasslands, and conifer woods. It has a unique display garden, picnic areas, and a natural play area for kids. Year-round rentals and actual education activities are available at Nature House.

As the park’s most prominent geological feature, Cooper Mountain is in the Beaverton area. Moreover, the Tualatin Hills Community recreation District maintains a nature preserve. It also provides 3.5 miles of hiking trails.

3- Washington Square 

Washington Square is one of the premier shopping attractions in Beaverton and Southwest Washington. It has five major chain stores, including Oregon’s largest Nordstrom, and over 170 boutiques and galleries. In addition, you may shop tax-free, park for free, and dine in a 10-restaurant dining hall with free Wi-Fi. There are also stroller rentals, family restrooms, and children’s play areas.

4- Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is just 5 minutes from downtown Portland using the light rail system. Besides Asian elephants, giraffes, hippos, gorillas, penguins, turtles, zebras, and other animals, they are showcasing a group of Visayans Warty Pigs, complete with Mohawks, on the zoo’s prime exhibit.

5- Jenkins Estate

A 68-acre-old home is in a densely wooded area on Cooper Mountain’s southern face. Various activities occur in the mansion, including the Painters Showcase and the annual Holiday Tea. They permit personal garden tours while the fences are open.

6- Willamette Stone Heritage Site 

The Willamette Meridian, one of 37 “Principal Pathways” in the United States, is one of the 37 Meridians and one of the famous tourist attractions in Beaverton. In a rectangle, these Channels serve as a benchmark for calculating distance.

It is where the Willamette Meridian begins. All Oregon and Washington land assessments and property titles refer to this location. When the Northwest was first colonized, surveys from this location spurred a land giveaway to people who weren’t government employees. John B. Preston, Oregon’s 1st Surveyor Gen, helped build it.

7- Ava Roasteria

Ava Roasteria is in Beaverton’s heart, a cafe with a reputation as a community meeting spot. It has free Wi-Fi, allowing you to work or play games while drinking freshly roasted coffee and snacking on baked croissants. You may listen to live music performed by local bands and musicians on Friday and Saturday nights.


8- Cooper Mountain Vineyards

Cooper Mountain Vineyards started a journey in 1987 that resulted in the acquisition of over 100 acres. It offers love for creating high-quality wines and a welcoming tasting facility. It produces organic and bio-dynamic Pinot noir, Gris, and Chardonnay wines.

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