5 Best Restaurants In Boston You Must Go To!

Best Restaurants In Boston

Craving flavoursome food in Boston City? We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Boston that you must visit! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, there are a few eateries you should try to fulfil those cravings of yours.

Boston, aka the cradle of liberty, has established itself as a culinary metropolis with world-class seafood, traditional New England cooking, and a burgeoning international culinary scene. Because it is a genuine foodie town, the city is also known as “the bean town”, most renowned for its baked beans.

1- O Ya

Clear your bank account and your weekend schedule, because O Ya’s one-of-a-kind eating experience is one to remember. You can find it in the Leather District, having won multiple distinctions, including a James Beard Award for chef and co-owner Tim Cushman. The restaurant boasts a unique atmosphere and a welcoming, minimal design. Despite the expensive price tags, it is one of the best restaurants in Boston. Sushi connoisseurs who haven’t tried O Ya’s legendary 20-course big omakase are missing out. Not only is the seafood amazing, but the delicate Wagyu beef strip loin is superb as well.

2- Celeste

With a 4.7 rating, Celeste adds up to one of the best restaurants in Boston with expertise in Peruvian cuisine. The place was given “Restaurant of the year” in 2018 for its great taste and ambience. The restaurant serves tasty Peruvian meals in a charming small place near Somerville’s Union Square. Don’t forget to try the bar program, which specializes in pisco-based drinks. Don’t miss the Lomo saltado, tuna ceviche, and mutton stew when perusing the menu. End it on a sweet note by ordering Dulce de Leche for dessert.

3- Grill 23 & Bar

Looking for scrumptious steaks? Grill 23 & Bar is your go-to place. A fine chophouse that serves surf ‘n’ turf classics and an extensive wine list. Grill 23 & Bar has been Boston’s independent steakhouse since 1983. The place has wooden furnishings along with multiple seating floors that give you the feeling of having dinner at a mansion. Their steaks are delicious whether you opt for medium-rare or well-done. Don’t forget to try their truffle fries and truffle mashed potatoes as well. 

4- Sarma

This Greater Boston restaurant jewel works hand in hand with its Somerville twin, Oleanna, in offering high-quality, distinctive meals night after night, with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines as inspiration. The bar should be applauded for its fragrant drinks, which include cardamom and fenugreek. Vegetarians will be pleased to learn that the restaurant provides a full menu of vegetarian meze. Lentil nachos and pumpkin fritters are also popular among vegans. For the sum it asks, the chef and co-owner of the restaurant, Ana Sortun assures quality with taste. 

5- Mistral

In a refined setting, this elegant bistro serves famous French-Mediterranean cuisine, making it one of the best restaurants in Boston City. The French/Mediterranean restaurant harkens back to an older era of Boston fine dining without being overly nostalgic. Begin your meal with a delectable starter like their renowned Truffle Macaroni. For the man course, try their hot-selling foie gras and beef tenderloin, short rib, duck breast, and Pan Roasted Prime Sirloin “Au Poivre” to name a few. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by having their creme brulee from the desert section.

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