Feeling Hungry? Try These 16 Best Restaurants In New York City

Best Restaurants In New York City

Are you traveling to New York City? You’ve probably got a lot on your to-do list. After all, New York City offers a lot to its tourists and residents. Good museums, parks, shopping malls, and numerous other fun activities. Other than this, you most likely want to try the best restaurants in New York City. Good restaurants not only satisfy your cravings. They also brighten up your mood. Keep reading to find out the best restaurants in New York City. 

1- Per Se

Per Se is 4.5 stars rated and one of the best restaurants in New York City. The restaurant provides a calm environment with sensational views of Central Park. It is Chef Keller’s second three-Michelin-star success and offers Chef’s tasting menu for $800 and a veggie tasting menu. We agree that it’s expensive, but all of it is prepared using classic French techniques and the highest-quality ingredients available.

2- Sidney’s Five

The restaurant is a fantastic affordable place in NYC to go to. The 4.8-star ratings on Google speak for themselves. Simple can be excellent at times. This restaurant nails the concept that less is more at a time when less is more. A two-sided menu including an excellent tasting menu, vibrant décor, and exceptional customer service. This is a restaurant worth returning to. The restaurant offers happy hour options, which provide some of the tastiest and most affordable food choices to customers. 

3- Buvette

If you like French-inspired ambiance, Buvette is one of the best restaurants in New York City for that. The restaurant offers cozy and romantic vibes to its customers with tiny tables and dim lighting. Everything from drinks to starters to main courses is delicious here. The owner, who also happens to be Chef, Jody Williams, takes pride in the entire menu. 

Try going for their anchovies on warm toast with cold butter slathered on top. For the main course, you can have gigot d’agneau. Don’t forget to try their chocolate mousse in favor of the sweet tart in the dessert. Also, go for a well-priced bottle of Loire Valley wine to drink with charcuterie in the evening.

4- Crown Shy

Crown Shy is one of the best restaurants in New York City, located only a few steps away from Wall Street. The ambiance, crowd, and food- everything is pretty much decent. The ambiance is somewhat powerful yet also extremely warm and friendly. 

The restaurant is the result of a collaboration between two successful people. Jeff Katz, managing partner at Del Pesto, and James Kent, who is a Michelin-starred chef. Crown Shy serves delicious meals and stunning cocktails in an elegant setting. Don’t forget the complimentary bread basket it offers.

5- Mercado Little Spain

As the name speaks for itself, this restaurant has Spanish roots and is a new entrant in the NYC food industry. The success of the restaurant owes to the efforts of three brothers, Jose Andres, Albert, and Ferran Adria. Owners have put a lot of effort into bringing food experts from Spain to guarantee authentic Spanish food. You can expect great quality crispy churros, deliciously prepared paella, and expertly cut Jamon. 

6- Dhamaka

Looking to satisfy your Desi Indian cravings? Dhamaka is the place to go. You can start off your meal with some delicious cocktails like dragon fruit, and lemon, Gulabo with gin, and rose water. Moving on to the main course, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing collection of spices. Expect scrumptious tastes of chili, garlic, salt, and pepper in all your meat dishes. The colorful ambiance alleviates the customers’ moods. 

7- Teranga

Teranga is an African restaurant situated in NYC and is a go-to place for those looking for a casual-fast food spot. The ambiance is welcoming and warm. The restaurant is a result of Senegal-born chef and cookbook author Pierre Thiam’s skills that are situated at the northeast corner of Central Park. 

You can opt for a variety of coffees inspired by Senegalese culture and homemade juices such as bissap- made from mint and hibiscus. For the main course, expect bowl-style servings with options ranging from chicken, beef, and vegan. 

8- The Four Horsemen

The restaurant is co-owned by four wine enthusiasts, as seen by the obscenely lengthy menu. You can expect a full page dedicated to orange wines. The list changes almost daily, and the staff will notify you of what’s new. The menu’s Champagne section is just outstanding. 

Four Horsemen is among the best restaurants in New York City. It offers a Japanese and Scandinavian vibe to its place. You can expect great starters like sesame crackers to excellent main courses options such as Berkshire pork chop and chicken liver mousse. 

9- Rezdora

Looking to satisfy your Italian cravings? Rezidor is the answer. The restaurant’s chef Stefano Secchi’s previous place where he worked was ranked the best in the world in 2018. This led him to open his own Italian place known as “Rezdora.” 

You can expect authentic and organic cheese from the farmer’s market and their mind-boggling kinds of pasta. Their 95$ regional pasta will give you one of the best experiences in the food world. 

10- Boucherie

BOUCHERIE is a famous traditional French restaurant and steakhouse in New York City that is present in four locations: West Village, Midtown, and Union Square. It has one kind of brasserie based on the exquisite and ornate Art Nouveau style, which reflects the optimism of the turn of the century while being transposed to modern-day New York. It features the most extensive French food menu of any of our sites and is one of New York’s greatest French restaurants.

11- Le Bernardin

Are you a seafood lover? Le Bernardin is the right place for you. The restaurant has been serving New York citizens for decades. Everything from paintings to sculptures is fish-styled in this restaurant. Everything that comes under the category of seafood is great here. Fish, prawns, shrimp, crab, tuna- everything. The restaurant is four stars awarded by the New York Times, so you can have faith in it being one of the best restaurants in New York City for seafood. 

12- Kochi

If you’re in the mood for some Korean food, try chef Sung Shim’s fine-dining spot with a nine-course tasting menu. In Korean, “Kochi” means “skewer,” and it lifts traditional Korean meals to new heights. The restaurant offers a nine-course menu for $75, with each dish having a knockout taste. 

13- Atoboy

Atoboy is another famous Korean restaurant in New York City. It took inspiration from the concept of banchan, i.e., small side dishes that are to be served with every Korean meal. Atoboy serves a 5-course prix-fixe menu, as well as a carefully curated beverage menu with a focus on wines. The restaurant has a minimalist and friendly vibe to the place. 

14- Raoul’s

The white tablecloths pressed tin ceilings and $52 steak au poivre at this old-school SoHo institution belie a long history of button-pushing and rule-flouting since the ’70s. If you plan on spending a classic New York evening with your date or friends, Raoul’s is the place to go. The bar at Raoul’s has decent crowds with sophisticated men and ladies. 

For the main course, we suggest you try the following dishes that are just the best: Seared Foie Gras, Escargot Ragout, Bigeye Tuna Tartare, Steak Au Poivre, and Seared Sea Scallops. Oh, and don’t forget to try their mouth-watering burgers!

15- Kiki’s

Kiki’s is one of the underrated but outstanding restaurants located in the middle of Chinatown in NYC. The restaurant may appear Chinese by the sign, but it’s all Greek-inspired. Once you enter, you’ll feel the aroma of garlic, olive oil, lemon, and lamb. That will only entice your hunger. The house wine is tasty and won’t break your pockets. 

We suggest you try some of Kiki’s Greek classics: Briny feta with kalamata olives, grilled octopus, horiatiki, and tzatziki, and don’t forget their grilled fish!

16- Cafe Kashkar

Are you a fan of beef, lamb, and noodles? Head down to Brighton Beach for Cafe Kashkar today. Kashkar Cafe serves Uzbek-Uyghur-inspired cuisine. Kashgar, in far-western China, is at the crossroads of the Silk Road; the food from this region is rich in cumin, lamb, beef, and noodles. The food tastes delicious all year but feels extra special in the winter. Kashkar Cafe attracts local families with Uzbek ancestry yearning for a taste of home and tourists and Manhattanites on a day trip within the city.

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