Craving Good Food? Try The Best Restaurants In San Diego

Best Restaurants In San Diego

San Diego, Riverside, and Orange counties are home to over 9 million people. They like it here because of the pleasant weather, the kind people, and the various neighbourhoods. The city gets around 35 million tourists each year. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, it’s a must to try the best restaurants in San Diego to elevate your stay in the city.

America’s Finest City has a fantastic culinary scene full of delectable, classic cuisine that you must experience! From cheeseburgers and fish tacos to acai bowls and pastries, there’s something for everyone. San Diego, as a port city, is known for its seafood.

1- Callie

One of the best restaurants in San Diego with a rating of 4.8, cherish Mediterranean meals in a sleek, contemporary setting with a sophisticated kitchen. At Callie, the Chef serves dishes like Aleppo chicken, spot prawns al ajillo, and pappardelle with a spicy Korobuta sausage ragu, among others. Hummus and avocado labneh are good starters to go with any of their inventive drinks. Local ingredients shine in chef Travis Swikard’s California-Mediterranean cuisine, and the East Village culinary scene brightens significantly.

2- Herb & Wood

Herb & Wood is not just a lovely sight to the eyes, but it has also managed to become one of the best restaurants in San Diego for its thoughtful yet accessible eating. Thanks to its local celebrity chef Brian Malarkey at the helm. Every meal is elevated by the menu’s use of simple ingredients, Mediterranean tastes, and a California attitude of seasonality and sustainability. One can also grab a bite to eat at their casual, neighbouring café Herb & Eatery during the day. 

3- Born and Raised

Born and Raised is a spacious and modern Italian destination that many residents love. With glamorous décor and a rooftop patio, this Italian restaurant serves high-end steak and drinks. Everything from decor and service to food and cocktails is pleasing. For starters, make sure to try their Ceasar salad in appetizers. For the main course, their hot-selling dishes include Wagyu beef, Steak Diane, and steak tartare with dirty hash browns. Indulge yourself in their desserts, such as their hot-selling carrot cake. 

4- Dija Mara

Don’t forget to order their pork belly and beef tartare. For South Asian food lovers, their grilled Roti with vegetarian curry sauce is a must. Dija Mara is a charming cafe with an industrial-chic design that serves excellent Southeast Asian meals. The Michelin Guide has recognized the restaurant as a “new discovery” for 2020. Dija Mara serves a Balinese-inspired menu that combines Southeast Asian ingredients with a Western flair and Japanese culinary techniques.

5- Addison Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in San Diego, which also happens to be a two Michelin star restaurant, ensures Southern California influences and regional ingredients. Their $298 nine-course tasting menu is a favourite that evolves with each season. The chef understands how to mix Asian and California cuisines to perfection. Begin your dinner with a soup like the popular Thai soup. Their signature meal is eggs & rice, which consists of wonderful caviar served over Japanese rice and topped with a smoked sabayon sauce. In the end, satisfy those sweet tooth cravings with their toothsome orange sorbet cake.

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