All You Need To Know About Determining Fair Market Value Of Your Home

Fair Market Value

Are you wondering how much your home will be worth if you sell it on the open market today? One way to do that is by estimating the fair market value (FVM) of your house. All of the happy memories you’ve made at home are precious. 

When you sell your house, though, you’ll obtain a fixed price for it. This price is usually based on its fair market value (FMV). 

To determine that, we need to ask a list of questions. What is a reasonable market price? Which factors go into determining it? What distinguishes it from the market or appraised value?

1- What Is Fair Market Value?

In basic terms, FMV refers to the price at which an item would sell on the open market. Fair market value will have to represent the price of a property under the following common set of circumstances: potential buyers and sellers are fairly knowledgeable about the asset. They are acting in their own best interests. No undue pressure to trade on either party. Being given a reasonable time to complete the transaction.

The FMV is determined by a number of criteria, and each property is unique. Your home’s market value is calculated by numerous bits of information to view the whole value when compared to other homes, just like a puzzle has many bits to see the entire picture.

2- How FVM Is Different From Market Value Of A Property

FVM reflects the principles of the economics of free and open market activity. Hence, the phrase FMV is purposely distinct from comparable concepts such as market value or appraised value. Determining fair market value is more challenging. The phrase market value, on the other hand, applies to the price of the property on the market. As a result, the market value of a home can easily be determined on a listing. 

3- Determining Fair Market Value Of Your Home

i- Do A Realistic Market Analysis Yourself

When comparing your home to comparable homes in the area to establish the best listing price, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Because the asking price does not guarantee that the property will sell for that amount at the end of the deal.

A real estate agent can determine fair market value by presenting a prospective house seller with a list of recent sales prices for related surrounding homes, known as comparables.

ii- Do A CMA

When your real estate agent performs a comparative market analysis, they look at all of the factors that can affect the value of your home. This includes your property, including all of its features, tax history, recent sales of similar properties in the area, the neighborhood, school district, and market trends for your zip code.

Refrain from comparing your property to superior comparable properties. If your property lacks those attributes or upgrades, it may have an impact on the underlying value of the property. 

iii- Get An Appraisal Of Your Home

If you want to dig deeper into the value of your home, a pre-listing assessment could offer you the information you need. An appraiser’s report is based on their observations of your home’s condition. A general appraisal comprises:

  • A view of your house and the surrounding area
  • Examining the property’s general condition
  • Take note of any visible maintenance issues that may have an impact on the value of the property
  • Taking into consideration any changes that have occurred

iv- Do An HVE

An online home value estimator is one tool you may use to get a general estimate of your property’s current value. To estimate a value range, this method uses information based on your individual address, market circumstances, and property sale records in your region.

v- Home Inspections 

Smaller problems exist in every house. However, the bigger things, like your roof or heating system, can have a significant impact on the fair market value of your home. They affect the buyer’s financing selections. This is due to the buyer’s desire to safeguard their investment. It’s preferable to get a home inspection and fix minor/major issues. 

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