Cannot decide between an in-person offer or an instant home purchase offer?

Instant home purchase offer

Are you uncertain about an In-person offer or instant home purchase offer while planning to sell your home? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what’s better for you. You want to sell your home and see two options i.e. hiring a professional for an online offer or selling directly to the cash buyer. Whatever you decide, it will attract an offer or two but you won’t have many options available.

1- How in-person offers are better than instant home purchase offers?

Selling and buying are two things that involve trust and it’s easy to create that relationship with these offers. Being expressive while remaining smart is a vital element of sales. During these sales, it’s easy to reply to all the questions raised by the buyer. The valuation of your property is more accurate depending on the market. The condition of the property is less subjective as the changes you made can be discussed face to face.

i- Disadvantages of in-person Offers

These offers have some disadvantages. This is an expensive method as it requires a large staff and operational costs. Travel can be expensive too. A realtor who is travelling may spend a full day for just one discussion. For low-value sales, these offers may not be economical as compared to Instant home purchase offers.

2- How Instant home purchase offer is better than in-person offers?

These offers are fast cash offers from someone to buy your property fast. These realtors are individuals who depend deeply on automatic data while making a purchase. Many companies are dealing in this business due to the combination of technology and real estate. These companies offer services to pay cash fast while making the process easy. These services can be very comforting for people who need fast home selling due to a relocation or a similar issue. Yet, the seller should do complete research on this option.

i- Disadvantages of instant home purchase offers

These offers have some benefits but their disadvantages can cost you heavily too. Wrong valuations and low offers are some of the biggest disadvantages one can face. These buyers usually work on exploiting the profits of sellers. The profit margin this plan offers doesn’t leave much space for negotiation. These agents also require heavy fee amounts which can make the seller regret the decision. These buyers are usually known for their infamous attitude of taking it or leaving it which is usually not a great feeling when you’re selling a home.

3- What is Regentology and why it’s better than both options?

It is a lead-generating company. It is designed by realtors for realtors. The mission is to connect in-need customers with the finest professional team. Using an Artificial intelligence and human-powered approach, they are the fastest-growing real-estate platform. They have a network of more than 3,500 partners worldwide.

Why Regentology is better than In-person and Instant home purchase offers?

Regentology can help you to sell your home by connecting you to Professional Real estate agents that can help you sell your property at the best valuation. Let Regentology do all the work for you and match you up with the most qualified agent in your area. You have to fill out the information form so we can connect you to our agents free of cost. Regentology is the new concept of real estate, better than in-person and online Instant purchase offers.


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