Renting Vs Buying a Home – How to Decide Which Is Best For You

Renting Vs Buying a Home

Renting vs Buying a home is a big personal and financial decision. But you have to ask yourself, is it the right decision for you? Obviously, there are no single correct or straight answers to it. There are pros and cons of buying and renting, and for some, the essential factor in making the decision is personal finances. However, renting seems to be an affordable and practical choice in most cases. But not always!

Renting Vs Buying a Home: Make the Decision

The decision can boil down to key considerations such as lifestyle habits, professional goals, and the feeling that you’re truly ready to call the place your own. So, if you are in a haze about whether to rent or buy, read on here to know about the key steps in the decision-making process before making the leap.

1- Assess The Costs of Renting Vs Buying a Home

When compared, renting can seem a cheaper or inexpensive option. No down payment, no moving costs, no closings, renovations, and other forms of maintenance tasks are needed when considering. Buying a home means expenses can add up. So, it does not mean it is most suitable for them just because they can afford the mortgage payment. Besides the monthly payments more than the mortgage principal and interest, there are other costs involved. Property taxes, insurance and mortgage, and in some cases, even homeowners’ association dues. At the same time, buying a home is cheaper if considering the long run. It offers the chance to build equity so, hopefully, in time, one can sell it with increased value.

Consequentially, most areas of the U.S. are cheaper to buy a home. The homeowner has to pay a mortgage amount lower than rent after a time, assuming a 5% annual increase, and the owner pays monthly fixed payments. Homeowners also avail of tax savings and other benefits, but it may be limited in writing off state and local property taxes. Additionally, some expert reports even claim that after 3 years, the homeowner’s monthly payment will be less than the renter’s payment. But this alone should not be considered a reason to dive into ownership.

Typically, it is a good idea to rent for a few years and that time, save up for the down payment and then purchase if you have set your heart on acquiring a place of your own. When mortgage payments pay off, the savings are significantly cheaper, even with the maintenance costs.

2- Buying a Home to Live in The Same Place for A Long Time

Buying is a good choice if you plan to lay down roots in the community. To make it certain, it makes sense if it feels that you may live there for a long time, that is, for more than 5 years or so. For the more nomadic types, it is best to stick with renting. Renting somewhat eases the tensions for someone who may have accepted a big job promotion halfway across the country. They may not want the hassle of selling the home. Another example would be moving into a new area and wanting to know the place before deciding to buy. Moving is a big part of the equation, and that means costs. Also, there are initial closing costs too which makes it hardly worth it.

3- Renting Vs Buying a Home: Think of The Perils

Keep in mind that both renting and buying a home can be risky. On one hand, you can build equity by buying. But the financial risk is present there, such as losing money with the market downturn. The same with a sale where if you sell too soon, you may have to settle for less. This will not make up for the renovations or closing costs. Also, home maintenance and other expenses can be astonishing to keep the home in mint condition. Life goals also influence the decision to buy or rent. For career-oriented professionals who travel often or who attend to multiple children, enlisting home maintenance into an already long list of responsibilities may not be the best choice. Renting, however, does not provide the chance to build equity and could go up at any given time. The landlord decides the rent, or maybe they ask you to move out. The decision can be better by thinking about the perils of both.

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