A Complete Guide to Selling Your Home In Louisiana

Selling Your Home In Louisiana

Housing experts predict a year of high demand and rising property prices in 2022. Many interested buyers suffer from a shortage of properties, while sellers thrive on rising prices. As a result, it’s still a seller’s market, which favours those who want to sell immediately. This gives you a golden chance for selling your home in Louisiana. With soaring home prices, you can earn a good chunk of money. You’ve lived in your house for a long time. You have access to the property’s unique features and benefits. Use this first-hand experience to your advantage. Read our article till the last to know further!

1- Do Your Homework On Louisiana Before Selling!

Don’t just dive into house-selling tips. Make sure to gather enough data about your state’s housing market trends. Take a look at these Louisiana housing trends we researched. 

  • What Makes Louisiana Special!

Since 1812, Louisiana has had a close connection to US history. The state has a unique culture, known for its strong French heritage and jazz music. It keeps drawing thousands of visitors to Mardi Gras and other music festivals every year. Citizens appreciate a laid-back lifestyle. Humidity and heat is one factor. Friendly neighbours and a plethora of social occasions also owe to it.

  • The Best Time for Selling Your Home in Louisiana

There is no hard and fast rule for fixing a time to sell. However, it does create an impact on how long it takes to sell. It’s worth doing some market research to find out about trending seasons for selling.

June is the greatest month to sell a house in Louisiana regarding price. Last year in June, the median sale price of a home in Louisiana was $234,000. Sellers earned $15,583 more compared to other months. July is also a great month for selling your house in Louisiana quickly. 

  • Average Time for Selling Your Home in Louisiana

According to NAR, it takes an average of 96 days to sell a home in Louisiana. 61 days to get a hold of an offer and another 35 days to close. This is around 18.5 percent faster than the national average. Remember that these are annual averages. Figures will fluctuate monthly or seasonally.

The worst month recorded for house sales was February. It takes 70-80 days to sell a house this month. Whereas, it takes a median time of 40-50 days in June and July. 

  • Louisiana Disclosure Requirements

Home sellers in Louisiana are required by law to provide material facts about their property. Sellers are required by state law to furnish potential buyers with a disclosure form that discloses any known property defects. Making the required disclosures will safeguard you from future claims.

2- Price Your Home Right while Selling Your Home In Louisiana

2022 is the seller’s market and the highest buying month June is just around the corner. So, you may take advantage of higher returns on your home in Louisiana. However, establish a value for your home that won’t scare buyers away. Conduct comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis will determine the value of your property by comparing it to similar houses in your region that are for sale or have recently sold.

3- Stage It Right: Make Buyers Go From “Meh” to “Wow”

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

The first thing home buyers inspect is the kitchen. Install trendier cabinets, countertops, sinks, and flooring. Paint the walls and add stylish panels. Sellers have recorded 70% to 100% returns on kitchen remodeling on average. 

Remodel bathrooms by installing marble tiles on floors and elegant wallpapers. Having both bathtubs and walk-in showers is also a plus. 

  • Small Accessories

The attention is on the details. Small accessories such as matching doorknobs, staircases, delicate light bulbs, and flowers- all play a part in portraying a well-defined look. 

  • Let There Be Light!

Natural light boosts the livability and warmth of any area. It’s critical to bring natural light in through windows in every space during staging. Turn on all of the lights in the house. It will make the rooms appear spacious and brighter. Stagers can create the illusion of natural light by painting it a lighter color.

4- Find A Louisiana Realtor while Selling Your Home In Louisiana

It’s not easy to sell a house. It’s a high-stakes, complex deal that will take a lot of time and experience. Find real estate agents in your region for selling your home in Louisiana property for the greatest price possible.

Louisiana real estate brokers understand what local buyers want and how to get in touch with them. They’ll provide experienced advice and assistance throughout the entire process, from the first listing to the final closure.

5- Negotiate Your Way Around

When a buyer makes a proposal, they will submit it through their real estate agent to yours. You have a specific amount of time to accept, reject, or negotiate the offer. Examine what they are willing to pay for your house and under what terms. Some states allow you as little as 72 hours to decide what to do with the offer. 

6- Prepare Your House For Inspections while Selling Your Home In Louisiana

Buyers carry out home inspections to make sure they are buying a safe home. It helps them identify any problems that may not have been included in the disclosure. Buyers may uncover additional facts about the condition of a house after the home inspection. They will begin seeking repairs in such cases. 

Make sure your house is problem-free from major issues. If any issue comes forward, fix it. Sellers make fixes to avoid suspicious thoughts. It can lead to the buyer backing out of an agreement.

7- Finally: The Closing Process

It’s now time to seal the transaction after all of the prior steps have been completed. In Louisiana, your agent will call a title agency to schedule a closing when the offer has been accepted. All disclosure paperwork would have been approved by now. On closing day, the title agency will call relevant parties and have the seller, buyer, and agents come to the title firm.

Regentology Can Help You Find A Home In Louisiana

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