Exploring The Big Apple? Visit These Top Attractions In New York City

Top Attractions In New York City

New York City, aka The Big Apple, is a popular city all around the world. From famous sites to famous Hollywood movies- everything owes to the popularity of the city. If you’re here to explore the city, there are some top attractions in New York City that everyone must visit once in their life!

You can shop and dine, attend Broadway shows, and explore the numerous world-famous sites: Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and many others! Keep reading to find out more. 

1- Central Park

Central Park is one of the top attractions in New York City for visitors and residents. One can easily go for a walk or carriage ride on the beautifully designed pathways of Central Park. In winter, lace up your skates and glide across Wollman Rink. The massive park is 2.5 miles long and is situated right in the city center, making NYC very pleasant. 

The park serves many roles. It is a half-park, half-museum, half-concert hall in the middle of central Manhattan. The 843-acre green park allows you to walk, work out, visit the zoo, and have picnics with your loved ones!

2- Statue Of Liberty

While we’re discussing the top attractions in New York City, how can we forget the world-famous statue of liberty? The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic sight in America. It is the top priority on every tourist’s list when visiting NYC. For a little background, the statue of liberty was built in 1886 and given as a gift to the US from France. The statue serves as a symbol of freedom. 

The statue is just under 152 feet tall from base to torch and weighs around 450,000 pounds, making it one of the world’s tallest monuments. The site attracts a heavy influx of visitors, so tickets to enter the statue sell out fast. Make sure to pre-book in advance. You will visit both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Tour. 

3- American Museum Of Natural History

To the west of Central Park, visitors enjoy going to the American Museum of Natural History. You can find yourself exploring interesting exhibits on the sea, land, or even outer space. For your enjoyment, the museum offers a great cafeteria for snacks and a gift shop.  Due to its enormous size, don’t expect to see it all in one day. The museum is home to 32 million artifacts, making it spread over four city blocks and twenty-five buildings. 

4- 9/11 Memorial & Museum

We are all familiar with the sad tragedy of 9/11 destroying the 110-story world trade center towers. That place has two square pools instead, with each one being one acre in size. The waterfalls above the pools are the largest man-made waterfalls present in North America. The 9/11 museum is in between the two pools. Those who feel sorrow for the incident visit this spot a lot to see the artifacts, images, and films that tell the tale of 9/11.

Make sure you book tickets in advance as tickets to the 9/11 Museum are often sold out due to huge crowds of visitors. 

5- Empire State Building

The 381-meter-tall, 102-story building built in 1931, remains one of the top attractions in New York City. The Empire State Building has two main observations that offer breathtaking views of NYC. Visitors like to go to the 86th floor, i.e., 1050 feet, as it is the city’s highest open-air observation deck. 

On clearer days, one can see as far as up to 80 miles in the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. If the view looks too familiar to you, that’s because it is. The location has been featured in a number of films and television shows.

6- Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art is the most cherished museum in the United States. Also known as “the Met”, the museum is home to unique pieces from all around the globe. The museum is an excellent piece of art, having attention-grabbing collections from Ancient Egypt. 

Make sure to visit the first floor, i.e., the one having permanent collections. It has all the pieces from Roman, Greek, Islamic, and Egyptian art exhibits. You can visit the museum on your own to enjoy the amenities or you can book a tour guide for a better understanding of the museum’s exhibits. 

7- Times Square

How can we forget to mention the famous Times Square? It is one of the top attractions in New York City, shown various times in your favorite movies and TV shows. Visiting Times Square in the evening should be a must on your to-do list. You will find well-lit, vibrant billboards and screens with the latest news. 

The place is especially famous and crowded around new year’s eve celebrations. Times Square is thriving with people at midnight for the famous ball drop at Times Square. It is also famous for its pure amount of theaters along Broadway. 

8- Fifth Avenue

Do you love shopping your heart out? Fifth Avenue is your go-to place for it. You can find a number of designer stores there such as Tiffany, Cartier, Chanel, and many others. Fifth Avenue is also home to the famous Apple store. Fifth Avenue runs from Washington Square Park in Lower Manhattan all the way to 142nd Street in Harlem. Midtown is the epicenter of Fifth Avenue.

9- The Wall Street

You probably know the name Wall Street because of Leonardo Dicaprio’s famous “The Wolf Of The Wall Street”. Wall Street is the site of the New York Stock Exchange and the historic offices of some of the country’s top brokerages and investment banks. Main Street, a metaphor for small enterprises and companies, as well as individual investors and employees, is frequently compared with Wall Street.

Many entrepreneurs and business-minded people like visiting wall street and consider it one of the top attractions in New York City. 

10- The Brooklyn Bridge

You’ve often seen those long car rides they show on the bridge in the movies. Yup, that’s the Brooklyn Bridge. The suspension bridge was opened in 1883. Since then, the bridge, with its suspension cables and gothic-shaped arches, is one of the city’s most famous sights. It inspires new painters, musicians, and poets every day. The bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan across the East River.

It is one of the city’s most famous sights, with Gothic-shaped arches and suspension cables that have inspired generations of poets, musicians, and painters. This historic bridge, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River, was the world’s first steel suspension bridge when it opened in 1883.

11- The Broadway And Theatre District

After you’ve explored the museums and parks, attending a broadway show should be on your top list. People love American theatre and enjoy seeing long-running classics in theatres. 

They feature a range of productions, including musicals and plays that change on a regular basis. Many people consider Broadway’s theatrical shows to be the best in the world. Tony Awards are given out each year to the best Broadway shows. Broadway performances are one of the most famous tourist attractions in New York City.

12- Lincoln Center 

If you enjoy musical or dancing evenings, make sure to spend an evening at Lincoln Center to see a variety of symphony, opera, and ballet performances. The Lincoln Center is home to the New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, the Juilliard School of Music, the Metropolitan Opera, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and the Lincoln Center Theater. 

So, there’s a good chance you’ll see something there while you’re here. Musicians, dancers, and performers of various kinds aspire to perform on one of the center’s 30 interior and outdoor stages. Film at Lincoln Center, in addition, to live performances, screens cutting-edge films on a daily basis.

13- New York City Restaurants

No trip is complete without having a good scrumptious meal that satisfies your cravings. Eating alone is a fun activity to do. New York City offers some of the world’s best restaurants ranging from expensive dine-ins to affordable eating spots. All of them provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a great ambiance.

  • Per Se is one of New York City’s greatest restaurants, with a 4.5-star rating. The restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere with spectacular views of Central Park.
  • Sidney’s Five is a fantastic casual place in NYC to go to for good food. The 4.8-star ratings on Google speak for themselves. Simple can be excellent at times. This restaurant nails the concept that less is more.
  • The Horsemen of the Four Horsemen has a long menu which reflects that the restaurant is co-owned by four wine lovers. There will be a whole page dedicated to orange wines. The list is updated practically daily, and the staff will keep you informed. The Champagne segment of the menu is exceptional.

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