Top 9 Tourist Attractions In San Francisco – Enjoy The Blaze In Golden City

Tourist Attractions In San Francisco

Are you planning a trip to Golden City soon? Many tourists go to San Francisco, which is known for its Golden Bridge. People are influenced by the city’s art, fashion, museums, and delicious food. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, there are a great number of tourist attractions in San Francisco that you can explore. 

We have made a list so you can know a little description of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco the next time you visit the golden city!

1- The Golden Gate Bridge

Present since 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has been one of man’s greatest sites in the United States, making it one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco, giving the city its nickname “The Golden City.” The bridge’s completion took four years, making it the world’s biggest suspension bridge at one time. 

The bridge’s orange structure backed by blue water peeking through clouds is the most photographed site in the city. The flood-lit structure makes it completely impressive at night. You can drive across the Golden Gate Bridge by car. Pedestrians and cyclists can use the walkways on both sides of the bridge. The trail starts at the bridge’s beginning and ends at an overlook in Marin County.

There are several excellent vantage locations for those interested in photographing the bridge or getting a good picture of it. Nob Hill, a San Francisco neighborhood famed for its opulent historic houses, offers breathtaking views from the bridge. 

2- California Academy Of Sciences

The California Academy Of Sciences has a lot to offer families, kids, and individuals. According to visitors, the place is the best site in San Francisco to bring kids. There’s plenty to see at the California Academy of Sciences. The site includes an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and even a rainforest. 

Around 40,000 animals representing over 900 distinct species call the Steinhart Aquarium home. Meanwhile, the Osher Rainforest shelters 1,600 creatures in its four-story structure, including 250 free-flying birds and roughly 100 reptiles and amphibians. The Morrison Planetarium is famous for its 75-foot-diameter screen, which daily shows “Tour of the Universe”.

Each attraction has its own program of activities and presentations in addition to permanent exhibitions. Travelers recommend staying for the aquarium’s coral reef dive or visiting the Shake House, an earthquake simulator at the Kimball Natural History Museum.

3- Alcatraz Island

Known as America’s most notorious prison, it functioned for thirty years and closed in 1963. It re-opened in 1973 as one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco. To have the full experience, take a ferry to the island and tour the site while listening to an audio recording that gives you an insight into prison life. Former Alcatraz convicts and guard lend their voices for narration.

The penitentiary received 1,576 criminals during the course of its 30-year existence. Even though there were 450 cells measuring around 10ft by 4ft, there were never more than 250 at any given time. The number of guards and staff on duty was sometimes more than the number of inmates.

While most visitors come for the history and novelty of witnessing a former prison, the island is also a popular spot for bird watching.

4- The Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is no less than Central Park in New York. Even though the park is smaller in size and has fewer tourists, it is still one of the top tourist attractions in Golden City. The park has so much to see that it takes a full day to explore it all. Within its evergreen confines are trails, scenic picnic areas, playgrounds, gardens, museums, sports courts, and more. It’s best to plan before what you want to do. 

One of the prominent features is the Japanese Tea Garden. This site is unique as it is the oldest Japanese Garden in the United States. There are bamboo-lined walking tracks, koi ponds, cherry trees, a five-story pagoda, a Zen Garden, and an actual tea house among the five acres of manicured grounds. 

The park also has a Conservatory of Flowers, i.e., the Western Hemisphere’s oldest public conservatory. The conservatory allows visitors to see a variety of vibrantly colored blooms and almost 2,000 plant species that call it home.

5- The Fisherman’s Wharf

Once called the little Italy of San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for its shopping, restaurants, and picturesque waterfront location. The back views of the city from Pier 39 are spectacular. Visitors enjoy taking a stroll around the place or preparing a fishing charter. 

The top popular attractions to explore in this area include Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ghirardelli Square, and Musée Mécanique. The Hyde Street Pier, which is now known as the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, restored 19th- and 20th-century ships flank the waterfront.

The USS Pampanito, a WWII submarine, is a national historic landmark. Pier 39, which is located in this general vicinity, has over 50 retailers and restaurants.

6- Yerba Buena Gardens

For a normal and relaxing time to wind down the stress of the week, enjoy going to yerba Buena Gardens. These gardens make it one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco as visitors enjoy the city’s weather and culture. The gardens themselves are 5 acres of beautifully designed lawns. They incorporate arts, flowers, trees, and a little bit of everything nice.

 The Cho-En Butterfly Garden features plants that stimulate butterfly growth from eggs to adults, attracting native San Francisco butterflies. Meanwhile, the Ohlone Indians are honored in the Reflection Garden, which also serves as a performance space for diverse oral traditions.

 Visitors enjoy the eateries and much of their seating in the Upper Terrace Garden and the Sister City Gardens. It features flowers from San Francisco’s 18 Sister Cities from around the world. The East Garden also has a number of sculptures and water elements. Last but not least, three of the Yerba Buena Gardens’ lawns attract kids through their unique designs.

7- China Town

China Town is mostly present in a lot of other cities as well, but San Francisco’s Chinatown will surely amaze you. It is the world’s largest Chinatown outside of Asia and also one of the oldest in North America. The place has been around for decades; however, it was almost ruined in the 1906 earthquake. Chinatown was reinvented in the Chinese style and became even more appealing than before the calamity.

Visiting Chinatown has become one of the top things to do in San Francisco, with its theaters, temples, workshops, teahouses, boutiques, antique and souvenir shops, and traditional pharmacies.

If you visit San Francisco during a major Chinese festival or event, you may expect to observe a large-scale celebration. Chinese New Year celebrations are frequently regarded as the best in North America.

9- San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a modern and contemporary art museum that tourists believe to be one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco. SFMOMA is a non-profit institution that houses a globally recognized collection of modern and contemporary art. It was the first museum on the West Coast to focus completely on the twentieth century.

The museum has a total of ten stories with 170,000 square feet of display area. The museum concentrates on all sorts of 20th-century art. The Fisher Collection, which houses 33,000 items, is one of the more intriguing collections in the permanent collection. The museum is in an architecturally stunning structure.

 Feeling tired? Sit down and grab a bite at Café 5 in the museum’s Jean and James Douglas Family Sculpture Garden. The place also has a Michelin-starred In Situ restaurant offering a refined dining experience.

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