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About Usman Sayed

Usman Sayed is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Smart Start Real Estate Corp., operator of Usman overlooks all day-to-day operation including service development, customer experience, marketing, and management. He also works actively on developing new territories and expansion opportunities.

Prior to founding Smart Start Real Estate, Usman served as Managing Director of Medica Health Care and founded Corporate Housing Pakistan which was later integrated with Airbnb in 2015.

Usman started in real-estate in the early 2000’s managing a $15m real estate portfolio, later transitioned into title and settlement and finally expanded his business into international arena and held various roles which gave Usman a great deal of knowledge and exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America through extensive work experience.

Usman’s personal interests include flying, car racing, fine timepieces, and a unique car collection. He also volunteers at various local organizations and hopes to expand his charitable contributions.

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