All About Modular Home. Should You Consider Buying One?

Modular Home

Some homeowners prefer their own custom-built homes but are unwilling to invest the time and money required to supervise engineers, architects, and construction workers. If you’re on them, getting a modular home is your solution. A good alternative to a typical design-and-build home is a modular home. They’re inexpensive and can help you save a lot of headaches and time. 

1- What Is A Modular Home?

A modular home is one that is constructed in a factory-like environment indoors. The completed objects are wrapped and transferred to their new places, where they are put together by an assembler. These homes are not the same as mobile homes. It is a residence that is constructed off-site. Factory-built, system-built, and prefab homes are all terms to describe these homes.

These are large, climate-controlled facilities that erect houses in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC), which mandates adherence to all state and municipal building codes.

2- The Appearance Of Modular Homes

Floor designs for modular homes can be as varied as blueprints for new-construction homes, depending on customer needs, neighborhood rules, local norms, land size, and overall budget.

The layout can be simple, ultra-modern, classic, or anything in between, depending on your own preferences. One can easily customize these homes. Many manufacturers have consultants who can help customize floor plans to your specific wishes and needs.

3- Difference Between A Traditional And Modular Home

The completion time for modular homes only takes weeks to months. The reason for that is their ability to be built indoors. They aren’t aware of the regular on-site delays, that mostly occur due to weather. 

These homes must adhere to a set of laws, principles, and building codes. The rules are more stringent than in traditional on-site homes. When selecting, shop around because not all factory-built home firms are the same. In terms of quality, price, and service, there can be major disparities.

4- Costs 

These homes can help you save a lot of money. Because a factory creates them, they are built relatively fast. Furthermore, a third-party inspector performs all inspections at the factory throughout each stage of construction and completes them before the homes are moved to their permanent sites.

Building a modular home might cost anything from $90 to $120 per square foot. The cost of constructing a home on-site begins at $150 per square foot. However, the more complicated your design and plan, the more expensive your home may be. Getting plumbers and electricians are examples of specialty services. They increase the basic price of your home.

5- Pros And Cons Of Getting A Modular Homes


  • Building costs are lower.
  • Build times are shorter.
  • No home inspections because everything is done at the manufacturer.
  • They can be made to order.
  • Typically constructed with eco-friendly materials and methods.
  • More energy efficient.
  • No construction delays due to weather.


  • To begin, you’ll need to purchase land.
  • Subdivisions are not allowed to be built on.
  • You’ll need to lay a foundation and install electrical, plumbing, and sewage hookups on-site.
  • Not all manufacturers are the same. You’ll have to do some research to figure out which one to go with.
  • To finance the home, you may need a construction loan. This is only valid for one year.

6- The Bottom Line

Modular homes are an excellent choice for homeowners who wish to build their dream property without the hassles of traditional buildings.

Because the home is manufactured in a factory off-site by professionals, the process is usually faster and smoother. Your home will be designed in collaboration with the manufacturer. They’ll construct it and transfer it to your location, in less time and for less money than traditional home-building methods.

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